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9 Inspirational Retail Display Ideas To Increase Sales In Your Store

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How to choose the right material for your display?

Retail is all about first impressions. Your window display and store displays are key to getting customers in the door.

If you are just looking for information, then feel free to skip ahead. But, if you want to learn how to create creative retail displays with a variety of materials, then this is the place to start.

What is Visual Merchandising?

Visual merchandising refers to creating an environment that encourages customers to buy. This includes everything from the colors and materials used in store displays, to lighting, music and scent. Visual merchandising in a physical environment is a competitive advantage in brick-and-mortar stores, even in an e-commerce world that continues to grow at a rapid pace.

How can visual merchandising be used to increase sales and store traffic?

Understanding your options is the first step.

Selecting the right materials for your display

Your brand is reflected in your merchandise display design. It wouldn’t make sense for a futuristic acrylic or PVC shelf to be used at an earthy, natural-food store. There will also be certain colors and themes that work well for you.

Metal, wood, plastic and glass are the most popular materials for shop displays. However, the material selection goes beyond aesthetics. You should also consider the maintenance, security, longevity and economics of these materials. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you looking for a mobile or stationary display?
  • How important do you consider environmental friendliness? Some materials are coated with harmful chemicals that cannot be recycled.
  • Are your items best kept in a locked case or tied to a tether? Or can they be left out on the street?
  • How long should your display last? For short-term promotions, cardboard and paper are economical and practical. Long-term displays require more durable materials like acrylic, metal and wood.
  • Do you need interactive or electronic components for your display?
  • Will your display will be displayed on the floor, wall or countertop?

9 Inspirational Retail Display Ideas

We have a lot of fresh ideas for in-store branding. These 9 innovative retail display ideas will make your shop stand out and increase sales.

1. A functional display of a franchise convenience store


Modular convenience store coffee bar featuring MDF cabinet construction with lower storage compartments, laminated front and sides, solid surface top, trash receptacle and swing door, cup dispensers, and stainless-steel legs.

2. Modular clothing display on wheels


Our stock line includes many types of apparel displays that are designed to merchandise a wide range of apparel products. Our stock apparel displays are an ideal solution for immediate merchandising program needs.

3. Nesting tables Display

To maximize your budget and create an atmosphere that changes with seasons, choose a moveable, reversible display like this one.


Ariat Floor Retail Display. Nesting Tables for garments.

4. Promo displays

Promo items need special attention to stand out. So how can you make sure your products grab customers’ attention? RICH LTD Custom Retail Knock-down endcap display for The Honest Kitchen’s distinctive line of natural dehydrated pet food. Our environmentally friendly design features a natural solid wood finish with colorful graphics that promote nutritional awareness and brand recognition.

5. Unique or custom retail display cases

Our footwear towers feature a small footprint, and all of the footwear fixtures in our stock line can fit within a variety of retail environments, including apparel stores, specialty shops, mass market retail stores, sporting goods stores, surf shops, boutiques, and other types of stores.

6. Elegant, urban retail display

In the jewelry industry, the presentation of goods has a significant influence on the purchase decision. A jewelry display offers an ideal vehicle to optimally present precious jewelry. Placed on a counter or safely protected in a glass display case, displays can be used in a multitude of ways and can be optimally placed in high-traffic areas.

7. Modern retail fixtures

These modern retail fixtures are versatile and can work well as permanent fixtures. A retail display that is fully stocked and puts the focus on the product can make for a powerful display, like the cost-effective display shown below.

8. Pop-Up Display Fixtures Get Customer Attention

It’s a great way for brands to get exposure in physical retail stores and interact with customers to get valuable feedback without the expense of leasing permanent space. Brands also typically see a boost in their online sales after the instore exposure.

9: Multifunctional children’s retail display

Tips for Designing or Choosing the Best Display System

It’s fun to imagine your next retail store display. But, don’t let that stop you from taking the next steps in creating the right display system.

1. Choose the right materials

This could include metal, wood or plastics such as acrylic or PVC, glass or cardboard, or a combination of all three.

2. Design your retail display cases or get help from a POP Display company

You can design your own display and then find a display company to fabricate it, or you can work collaboratively with a POP display company to design the perfect display. Working with a display company that not only designs but also manufactures displays has significant advantages over a pure design agency since they understand what it takes to actually make something cost-effectively.

3. Take a look at the costs

It is not as simple as it seems. Consider the cost of materials, labor, assembly and shipping when you are evaluating your display program.

  • Materials (wood, acrylic, cardboard or metal)
  • Fabrication and assembly
  • Graphic design and printing
  • Shipping

4. A retail display design company can help you.

RICH LTD. is a partner that can help you minimize the cost and complexity of designing and building retail displays, while also increasing your return on investment. RICH LTD. has been manufacturing and designing POP displays and store fixtures since 1987 for over 3500 customers around the globe.

Written by Marcus

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