Advertising Giants: Spotlight on Overland Park’s Pioneering Industry Leaders

Overland Park, a momentum-driven business hub nested in Kansas, flaunts an impressive spectrum of companies, particularly in the advertising industry. The fluid economic landscape reverberates with the hum of dynamic businesses delivering varied services – from digital marketing, content creation, to web design and system automation. This article uncovers some of the esteemed companies that have established their headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas, distinguishing themselves in the commercial arena with their methodical strategies and creative prowess.

The companies highlighted provide a snapshot of the city’s vibrant business ecosystem that thrives on ingenuity and innovation. Each organization has a distinct prowess and a unique story to its seasoned journey. Their collective presence has shaped Overland Park’s business landscape while symbolizing the city’s march towards modernity and sophistication in business practices.

Their involvements vary, extending across industries like E-Commerce, Mobile Advertising, Travel, Fashion, Education, Pharmaceuticals, Small and Medium Businesses, Film Production, Business Development, and Public Relations. This article delves deeper into the profiles of these notable businesses, offering a glimpse into their services, history, and industry prominence.


Founded by Dale Hazlett and Neal Sharma, the DEG pioneered creative smart digital marketing, commerce, and collaboration strategies. Their digital fluency in marketing automation, eCRM, social media integration, e-commerce, and web content management has given countless organizations the leverage they needed to amplify their competitive advantages. You can further explore their journey and services on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Tomveyi Bidamon, MyWorldWall serves as a free social networking platform. Offering a unique blend of cultural values, interests registry, and story sharing, the service aims to foster a sense of diversity regardless of races, religion, or ethnic backgrounds. Interact with them on Twitter and Facebook.

Intouch Solutions

Established by Faruk Capan, Intouch Solutions dwells in the niche of advertising in the pharmaceutical industry. Detailed specifics about services offered can be found on their website, and their online presence is furthered on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Intouch Solutions

A second enterprise, EVERSANA INTOUCH B2D by Faruk Capan, serves the healthcare and life sciences industry. It strives towards achieving meaningful business results by optimizing technology, uniting data, and designing exceptional customer experiences. You can connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.


The Legalfit specializes in creating advertising and marketing solutions tailored for small and medium businesses. Their journey and accomplishments are documented on their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

The Lead Group

Founded by Willie Dugan, The Lead Group offers premier performance-based online marketing services. Their technology-driven approach and campaign management facilitates beneficial relationships between advertisers, producers, and responsive consumers. Find them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Cinema Scene Marketing

Founded by Michael Holmes, Cinema Scene Marketing excels in delivering promotional marketing and merchandising solutions to the cinema industry. Their innovative solutions can be found in most of the top cinema circuits in North America. You can connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Loren Wilson, SPACEMOB is a global media firm with a focus on creating original content, content distribution, and channel development. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Stephens & Associates

Stephens & Associates is a specialist in various domains including advertising, business development, digital marketing, and public relations. Follow their journey on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Established by Bruce Ianni, Innovadex develops advertising solutions specializing in information technology, internet, and social media. They can be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn page.

Go Local Interactive

Founded by John Jordan and Tom Carroll, Go Local Interactive specializes in providing advertising, marketing, SEO, and web design services. Engage with them further on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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