All-in-one kids camera and 10-second instant print Wi-Fi portable label printer creating waves around the world!

myFirst, a kids tech collection by Oaxis in Singapore has announced their new product, myFirst Insta Wi.

myFirst Insta Wi, the predecessor of the last model the myFirst Camera Insta 2, a 16MP digital camera plus rear and wide-angle selfie lens that is capable of instant printing 10 seconds clear and sharp photos, making this the fastest instant print camera in the market. Now sporting a selfie camera above its 2.4” bright IPS screen, myFirst Insta Wi allows for amazing selfies, and also takes full HD videos which most instant print cameras don’t have. Coupled with the low-cost thermal paper & sticker thermal paper, this camera can go toe to toe with the heavy hitters of instant printing but edges them out on quality and value for money.

With the added Wi-fi feature and a variety of label sizes the myFirst Insta Wi is able to create and print stunning labels anytime anywhere. With the dedicated app, the camera manages to customize labels by drawing, or typing text or symbols. It is convenient to bring Insta Wi around and tag everything at home, school, or office.

 myFirst Camera Wi will redefine the way we use instant printing cameras and label printer. This is the first time we combine these two features in one device, making it one of the most useful household devices to create memories, instant print photos but also to help families to organize things at home and office. Imagine that you could bring this camera to a picnic outing to capture pictures, you could also print cute labels to decorate the scrapbook at home, and also you could use this portable device to label all the documents in the office. We wish that every family should get one as this is a little device that is suitable for all!” said G-Jay Yong, founder of myFirst.

Insta Wi also comes with a memory card slot so photos taken can be saved and printed into color photographs at the user’s leisure and also label designed can be reuse and print anytime at your convenience. Unlike conventional label printers, myFirst Insta Wi is designed to be lightweight for comfortable usage. Overall, for an all-in-one kids camera and portable printer, myFirst Insta Wi is an amazing merge of an instant print digital camera and portable printer which will excite anyone in the family.

To find out more about myFirst Insta Wi and myFirst’s other products, please visit

About myFirst & Oaxis

myFirst is a collection of kids tech by Oaxis specializing in children’s technology that engages children of the age of 3 years and above to create a holistic, dynamic, and educational learning experience using the integration of technology.

Founded in 2010, Oaxis Asia Pte Ltd is a product development company specializing in consumer electronics which has garnered numerous design awards for our ground-breaking innovations, namely the InkCase technology, which won multiple design awards in 3 consecutive years. Oaxis Asia is committed to the continuous pursuit of limitless potential in technology.

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