Dallas Advertising Titans: Showcasing Texas’ Foremost Marketing Powerhouses

When it comes to advertising and marketing, the city of Dallas, Texas is home to numerous innovative companies that are leading the way. These firms span various industries, including e-commerce, digital marketing, retail technology, digital entertainment, and artificial intelligence, to name a few. Many of these organizations are making remarkable contributions to the advertising industry, revolutionizing traditional practices, and shaping the future of online and physical commerce. In this article, we will delve into various Dallas-based advertising companies and explore their unique offerings.

We will take a closer look at each company, their history, their founders, the services they offer, and their contributions to the advertising industry. The companies we will be highlighting include HighLevel, Integrity Marketing Group, Immerss, Slingshot LLC, VOKAL Media, VizSense, Glass-Media, Postablur, Blockparty, Panamplify, and Vessel. Each one of these firms brings something unique to the table, demonstrating the diverse range of solutions Dallas-based advertising companies are offering.

The city’s advertising scene is thriving, reflecting the broader growth and dynamism of the Dallas economy. It’s no surprise that these companies are not only surviving but thriving in such a competitive market. They exhibit a knack for innovation, a commitment to customer service, and a deep understanding of the ever-changing landscape of digital advertising and marketing.


HighLevel is a cutting-edge marketing and advertising platform that covers various digital interaction points, including voicemail, SMS, emails, and Facebook messenger. By managing conversations using artificial intelligence and machine learning, HighLevel offers a crucial service for agencies to streamline the management of their client’s leads, websites, funnels, calendars, and other services detrimental to maintaining a customer.

Integrity Marketing Group

Founded by Bryan Adams, Mike Wingate, and Tom Schueth, Integrity Marketing Group specializes in creating top-selling products designed for today’s senior market. The focus on this specific demographic has enabled them to forge strong partnerships with some of the largest insurance carriers in the nation.


Immerss, founded by Alex Wilner, Arthur Veytsman, and Patrick Jacobs, offers a suite of engagement and monetization tools designed for D2C brands. They effectively use shoppable live video to replicate the physical showroom experience for at-home shoppers or those on their mobile devices.

Slingshot LLC

Founded by Owen Hannay, Slingshot LLC is a digital marketing company offering innovative technology solutions. With the integration of strategic solutions and creativity, they are paving the way for digital advertising.


VOKAL Media, founded by George Gimarc, John Ritchie, Ted Price, and Wren Miller, is a full-serving platform for creating, producing, syndicating, and marketing streaming content. They are leveraging their technology to target a share of the exponentially growing digital streaming market.


Jon Iadonisi and Timothy Newberry founded VizSense to provide shopper-focused marketing campaigns designed to the specific DNA of a brand. They leverage AI and social and computer science to optimize their campaign results effectively.


Founded by Daniel Black and Nic Logan, Glass-Media is revolutionizing digital signage by transforming storefronts and indoor surfaces into vivid, interactive displays. Their comprehensive, metric-based platform helps brands establish a wide range of ongoing key performance indicators (KPIs) and success metrics.


Postablur, founded by Curtis DeWayne White, offers a creative platform where content progressively un-blurs with increasing likes or credits. This incentivizes fan engagement and creates an organic buzz around the content uploaded.


Blockparty, founded by Adam Ward, Cody Slape, and Steve Gilman, offers a unique fan experience by creating pop-up communities inside and outside venues. They combine strategic partnerships with temporary infrastructure and mobile technology to optimize the street-to-seat experience for fans.


Christopher St. John and Michael Pratt founded Panamplify to eliminate the grunt work that marketing agencies undertake when creating reports for their clients. Their approach to easy-to-use reporting includes traditional artificial intelligence structures like rules, ontologies, and plans.


Founded by Airion Watkins-Clark and John Best, Vessel enhances city food and travel guides with monetizable, vertical video-based interactive maps. This allows creators to monetize their content while enhancing their users’ experience, all while avoiding bounces to third parties.

Written by Mark Smith

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