Exploring Ad Agencies: Thiruvananthapuram’s Booming Advertising Industry Spotlight

Welcome to the latest entry in our series in the Business of Shopping Magazine, where we explore the world of advertising, casting a spotlight on companies that call Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India home. Known for its idyllic scenery, rich culture, and thriving business sector, Kerala has evolved to become a significant hub in the country for a myriad of industries, not least of which is advertising. In the following feature, we venture into the heart of ‘God’s Own Country’, delving into the diverse portfolio of creatives, strategists, and innovators operating in the advertising sphere. Here, we pay tribute to the power of human connection, technological advancement, and the art of storytelling as we navigate through the stories of several remarkable companies that have greatly contributed to Kerala’s thriving advertising landscape.


As an industry titan in the realms of advertising, business development, content, and SEO, IncrementumX vows to take businesses to the next level by transforming existing models into value and data-driven companies. Leveraging on strategic insights to boost ROI and drive value, the foundation of their success lies in their unique Engage Engine™. This machine-learning marvel empowers brands with the foresight and emotional sensitivity required to truly empathize and engage with their customers. Find more about them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Ayruz Data Marketing

Conceived by visionaries Kenney Jacob and Sanil Subhash Chandra Bose, Ayruz Data Marketing marries the art of advertising with the precision of analytics and digital marketing. Learn more about their work on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Stark Communications

As a leading force in the advertising, creative agency and marketing spaces, Stark Communications is creating waves with their captivating work. Explore their captivating portfolio on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Visak Sasi Govind, ssssssss brings an unusual touch to the advertising realm by incorporating elements of wedding design.

Mizzio18 Digital

Mizzio18 Digital is a creative powerhouse specializing in advertising, digital marketing, SEO, social media, and web design. From ideation to execution, they ensure their clients’ digital presence is engaging, unique, and impactful. Discover their work on Facebook and LinkedIn.


REDLOOPS harnesses its expertise in advertising and marketing to bring brands to the forefront of consumer’s minds. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Selene Mani, Selene+Norman delivers artful advertising and photography services. Follow Selene’s creative journey on Twitter.

Own A Country

Revolutionizing the advertising, internet, and marketing realms, Own A Country is yet another innovative entity based in Thiruvananthapuram.


Path2Media‘s audience engagement platform is transforming how businesses create and deliver content, allowing them to reach their target audiences anywhere and anytime. Learn more about their work on Facebook.

EXPEVO Digital Services

Founded by Padmanabhan P.K, EXPEVO Digital Services is a standout in the realms of advertising, digital marketing and marketing. It boasts a compelling hybrid blend of ideas and technology applied to transform businesses on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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