Exploring Advertising Industry Giants Based in Market Harborough, Leicestershire


In the heart of England’s Leicestershire county, the charming town of Market Harborough boasts a vibrant advertising industry filled with diverse businesses. These advertising firms range from creative and public relations agencies to print and online design solutions. In this article, we are spotlighting some prominent companies operating in Market Harborough’s advertising industry, each unique in their niche and offerings.

The town’s local economy is reinforced by these businesses, providing a tapestry of employment opportunities and fuelling the local economy. As we take a closer look at these individual companies, we invite you to explore their work, understand their ethos and learn about their contributions to the advertising industry as a whole.

There is no doubt that Market Harborough is a hotbed of innovation and creativity and contributes significantly to the UK’s Advertising industry. This collection of companies showcases the breadth and depth of talent and services available right here in Market Harborough.

Punch Communications

Punch Communications is a leading name in the field of advertising, consulting, and public relations. Co-founded by Emma Goold and Pete Goold, Punch Communications is a social agency offering a suite of services such as strategy development, social content creation, social media training and more. To explore more about this agency, you can connect with them on Facebook , Linkedin and Twitter .


Operating at the intersection of advertising, e-commerce, manufacturing, and software, Banana-Print provides speedy 24hr printing and online design software. Its diverse offerings include leaflets, business cards alongside other innovative products available for Next Day Delivery.

Very Displays

Very Displays is another innovative Market Harborough business operating within the advertising, marketing, and printing sector. You can check out their work on Facebook , Linkedin and Twitter .

Green Shoots Research

Green Shoots Research, co-founded by Claire Noyon, brings cutting edge consumer, market research and retail technology solutions to the advertising industry. They can be found sharing updates on Linkedin and Twitter .

Falcon Marketing

Falcon Marketing is known for their compelling work in advertising and marketing. They can be explored further on Facebook and Linkedin.

Absolute Internet Marketing

Absolute Internet Marketing offers pivotal advertising, marketing, and professional services in the industry. They actively share their updates and insights on Linkedin.

Octagon Creative

Carving a niche in advertising, consulting, and marketing, Octagon Creative is another notable Market Harborough business. Follow their journey further on Linkedin.

May Marketing

May Marketing offers a multitude of services such as advertising, market research, marketing, public relations, SEO and web design. They share their visibility online on Linkedin and Twitter.

Multi Resource Marketing

A specialist in providing marketing services since 1993, Multi Resource Marketing has expanded their offerings to include shopper, digital, bespoke, and logistics services. Engage with them on Linkedin and Twitter.


Written by Mark Smith

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