Exploring Arlington’s Top Advertising Giants: Deep Dive into Virginia’s Powerhouses

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The heart of the US economy, Arlington, Virginia is home to several companies in diverse sectors. Among these, the advertising industry stands out with an array of innovative firms. Let's explore some of the advertising companies that are making their mark right here in Arlington.

With businesses increasingly going digital, advertising has taken on a whole new dimension. Many Arlington-based companies are leveraging cutting-edge technology to offer creative and impactful advertising solutions. From e-commerce platforms to marketing software, these companies cover every facet of the advertising industry.

Below, we have detailed information about ten such companies headquartered in Arlington. Each company's name is linked to its website for easy accessibility. Read on to know more about their offerings, founders, and the industries they serve.


Ethan McAfee pioneered Amify to help brands optimize their Amazon channel strategy. With over $200 million in goods sold on Amazon, Amify's team is an indispensable resource for brands looking to amplify their presence on the e-commerce giant. (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)

Seventh Sense

Founders Erik LaBianca and Mike Donnelly identified a gap in the market and introduced Seventh Sense – a software platform designed to enhance the sales and marketing process. It analyzes data to increase sales, boost brand awareness, and improve overall morale. (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)


Offering the best B2B data available in the industry is SalesIntel, led by Manoj Ramnani. The company combines automation and dedicated researchers to ensure 95% data accuracy for published contact data. (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)


Loop88, stewarded by Ariel Remer and Dave Weinberg, curates customized content campaigns for brands, positioning itself as a leading marketing platform for Pinterest. Over 90% of Pinterest users are reached through their influencer partnerships. (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)


Enter the realm of crowed-sourced advertising with Snaapiq. Founders Jacob Perler and Ryo Hang have developed an app that makes content creation a game through photo and video challenges. It invites users to tell their stories and interact with certain brands. (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)

Graham Holdings

With Tim O'Shaughnessy at the helm, Graham Holdings offers a variety of services, including owning Slate and Foreign Policy magazines and local TV stations. The company prides itself on delivering quality products and services to its viewers, customers, and advertisers. (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)

Mobile Posse

Firstly Mobile™, developed by Mobile Posse under the leadership of Jon Jackson, is a content discovery platform looking to make smartphones even smarter by offering engaging curated content without hesitations. The platform is a unique opportunity for advertisers and boosts revenue for carriers and OEMs. (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)


AdLyft offers a novel way for apps to monetize their content. Founders Bill Chapman, Dawson Reid, Joseph B. Hunt, and Wayne Pugh have designed a solution that enables innovative content delivery across apps. (Twitter)

Council of Better Business Bureaus

Merle Sidener's brainchild, the Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB), offers business accreditation services in the U.S. and Canada, assisting businesses, consumers, charities, and donors with a variety of services. (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)

Pappas Group

Founded by Anthony Pappas, Pappas Group is a self-professed game-changing creative agency pushing boundaries in the digital space and pioneering new marketing strategies. (Twitter, Facebook)

LM&O Advertising

Fulfil your advertising and direct marketing needs with LM&O Advertising. Founded by Dave Marinaccio, Doug Laughlin, and Ron Owens, the company strives to increase market share and launch new products. (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)

Written by Mark Smith

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