Exploring Astoria’s Influential Advertising Firms: Insight into Industry Titans

Dreams Animation

Dreams Animation, founded by Nurzhamal Ryskulova and Ricardo Diaz De La Vega, operates in the fields of Advertising, E-Commerce, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Software, Web Design, and Web Development. This full-service web development and eCommerce website design company based in New York City specializes in Custom Web Design and E-commerce Design. They further offer Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other strategic online marketing tools such as custom business cards and brochures, amongst others. Dreams Animation serves their clients by providing diverse solutions required for a successful advertising campaign.


MediaMorphosis is a full-service total-communications agency specializing in multicultural markets. The company helps expand businesses quickly and cost-effectively through the development and execution of campaigns. MediaMorphosis garners a global focus resulting in success stories from clients across North America, India, the UK, and the Middle East.

816 New York

816 New York, founded by Sarah Williams, provides services in Advertising, Brand Marketing, Consulting, and Marketing. The company assists nonprofits and small businesses with the formulation of tangible strategy, launch of timeless brands, and creation of consistent outreach.


In the fields of Advertising, Internet, and Marketing, bidpin stands out. The company was founded by Joe Carrozza and Michael Nisyriou and is currently headquartered in Astoria, New York.


Phacient, founded by Patrick Healy, is a professional services firm specializing in marketing, operations and technology. This consulting firm focuses on marketing strategy, digital and online strategy, content marketing, PPC Advertising, local SEO, technology infrastructure, and a wide array of other services. They particularly dedicated to small and mid-sized businesses, helping them compete better and focus on their core competencies.

Whitegate PR

In the fields of Advertising, Marketing, Media and Entertainment, and Public Relations, Whitegate PR stands as a distinct brand in Astoria, New York.

Hello Velocity

Hello Velocity operates in the fields of Advertising, Creative Agency, Digital Marketing, SEO, UX design, and Web Design, maintaining its distinctiveness in Astoria, New York.

Tenzo SEM

Tenzo SEM offers online marketing campaigns that contain all the necessary ingredients. They emphasize on the fact that in Digital Marketing, attention to detail and focus are extremely necessary factors as there are many nuances to be considered while installing a website or using any other paid media programs.

Ad Optics

Operating in the fields of Accounting, Advertising, Finance, and Media and Entertainment, Ad Optics provides advertisers with facts, evaluates stewardship, and improves processes with marketing agencies. Their independent company does not own or operate media/advertising agencies as do accounting and consulting firms.

Written by Mark Smith

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