Exploring Estonian Advertising Giants Headquartered in Tartu: A Deep Dive

Welcome to the captivating world of Estonian companies making waves in the advertising industry. From digital marketing firms to creative agencies, there’s no shortage of groundbreaking organizations situated in the picturesque city of Tartu. In the heart of Tartu, enthusiastic and innovative minds are shaping the field of advertising, unveiling a plethora of strategic approaches that draw attention even beyond Estonian borders.

What makes these firms especially striking is the diversity they bring to the advertising sector. By brilliantly combining their home-grown creativity with cutting-edge technology, they’ve succeeded in carving out significant niches for themselves. Offering services that extend across journalism, manufacturing, web design, graphic design and more, the Tartu-based companies are changing the landscape of advertising, digital marketing and more.

From the giants in the industry to the startups with future promise, join us as we take an insightful journey through the heart of Tartu, exploring the very companies that make this city an epicenter for innovation in advertising. We will dig deeper into their profiles unveiling valuable insights about each company. So let’s get to know these companies and don’t forget to pay a visit to their websites for more detailed information.


Based in Tartu, Kroonpress is a prominent figure in the advertising, journalism, printing, and publishing sectors. They pride themselves on their ability to transform complex processes into clear-cut solutions, guaranteeing impressive results. Find more about them on LinkedIn.

Ad Frog

Ad Frog resides in the creative heart of Tartu, offering services that span across advertising, graphic design, manufacturing, photography, and printing. Their extensive expertise allows them to deliver innovative solutions that match their clients’ evolving needs.


As an advertising, digital signage, graphic design, and outdoor advertising firm, Splash has a robust presence in Tartu’s advertising scene. Their approach is defined by a keen understanding of their clients’ desires, which they translate into exciting advertising narratives. Check out their Facebook to stay updated with their latest works.


Elixir blends skill and creativity to yield standout advertising solutions. As a creative agency offering services in advertising and web design, they infuse each project with a distinct flavor of innovation. Get more updates about Elixir on their Facebook page.


Co-founded by Sten Maileht, WideWise specializes in a variety of areas including advertising, graphic design, SEM, SEO, Social Media Marketing, UX Design, Web Design, and Web Development. Their formula for success relies on creating uniquely tailored digital marketing solutions. They can be reached on LinkedIn and Facebook.


In the sphere of advertising, digital marketing, and graphic design, Marketwise holds a remarkable position. They bring a noteworthy blend of compelling strategies and bright ideas to the forefront. Visit their LinkedIn for more insights.


Imid is yet another ingenious advertising company in Tartu. Their expertise in advertising, marketing, and web design makes them a reliable associate for businesses seeking to make a significant impact. Follow their innovative journey on Facebook.


As experts in advertising, e-commerce, printing and the gifting sector, MP-Reklaamtrükk offers comprehensive solutions to businesses. Their roots in Tartu help them to remain connected with emerging trends in the advertising sector. You can learn more about them on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Convertal excels in advertising, digital marketing, and marketing. Their pragmatic and customer-centered approach ensures they deliver dependable and highly effective solutions. Keep up to date with their works on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Ruut Disain

Ruut Disain is an advertising and graphic design agency. By incorporating modern designs with effective marketing strategies, they achieve noticeable results. Follow them for updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Marking the completion of our list, Autoreklaam specializes in advertising, advertising platforms, automotive, events, and outdoor advertising. They are the one-stop solution for businesses seeking to make a splash in the market through comprehensive promotional solutions.

With that, we conclude our spotlight feature on the advertising companies that are pushing boundaries in Tartu, Estonia. Their collective fervor and groundbreaking ideas are the spark that sets Tartu’s advertising industry ablaze, promising a bright future for local and international businesses alike.

Written by Mark Smith

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