Exploring Fareham’s Key Players in the United Kingdom’s Advertising Arena

The bustling town of Fareham in Hampshire, United Kingdom, is a thriving hub for various industries. Notably, it is a stronghold for companies that operate within the Advertising industry. This article of our Business of Shopping magazine series spotlights some of the major players in this sector, focusing on their operations, founders, and achievements in the industry. We have handpicked several companies with their headquarters based out of Fareham and delved into their operations for a more in-depth look.

The featured companies extensively cover a range of services, including digital marketing, software solutions, web design, lead generation, and more. These companies not only contribute to business growth locally, but their operations extend the reach of Fareham, Hampshire, impacting the national and even global markets in the process. Undoubtedly, their strides in the advertising industry significantly impact the economic landscape of Fareham and beyond.

This article offers an overview of each company, detailing their specific services, along with critical links to their official websites and social media profiles. Whether you are a potential investor, a vibrant entrepreneur, or an intrigued customer, get ready to discover these entrepreneurial gems nestled in Fareham, Hampshire.


Emphasizing the sectors of Advertising, Information Technology, SaaS, and Software, Fortifi, founded by Brooke Bryan, has established itself as a noteworthy player in the industry. Connect with them on their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

Inspired B2B Marketing

Delving into Advertising, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, and Marketing, Inspired B2B Marketing sets a strong example of innovative business execution. You can learn more about them through their LinkedIn and Twitter platforms.


Established by Adam Smith, Damteq is a leading Growth and Digital Marketing Agency not only in Fareham but also in Hampshire, Surrey & London. Specializing in Advertising, Digital Marketing, Marketing, SEO, and Web Design, the company has swiftly climbed the success ladder. Find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Bold Internet

Bold Internet holds sway in the realms of Advertising, Consulting, Internet, Marketing, and Search Engine, providing a wide range of services to its customers. You may get in touch with them through their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

Antler Agency

The Antler Agency is a formidable operator in the industries of Advertising, Brand Marketing, Marketing, Personal Branding, and Social Media Marketing. You can find more about them on their LinkedIn page.

SandisonPay Limited

SandisonPay Limited is a force to reckon with in Advertising, Graphic Design, Marketing, SEO sectors. Engage with them on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

CMe Media

Striving in the fields of Advertising, Broadcasting, and Marketing is CMe Media. Their commitment to quality is displayed in their service offering. They can be found on their Facebook page.

Point 13 Media

Established in the Advertising, Advertising Platforms, and Recruiting sectors, Point 13 Media impresses with its comprehensive approach to the industry. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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