Exploring Larkspur’s Pioneering Advertising Agencies: A Californian Powerhouse

Welcome to our series of articles featuring companies in the advertising industry located in the picturesque and prosperous Larkspur, California. Diverse in their offerings and areas of expertise, these companies have brought innovation and creativity to both the Advertising and Technology sectors. Let’s explore what they have made a name for themselves in their respective industries and their contributions to the local economy and community.

Noteworthy in their progressive approach to creating digital content, Metrodigi and Credder Inc. have brought an unparalleled and unique blend of technology and creativity to the Advertising industry, Capitalising on the latest technology, they brought forth potential and prospect to businesses, showing them solutions to captivate their target audience.

Equally commendable are companies like Active Ingredients, E29 Marketing, MogoSME, Tenx4 and Add Rev, whose expertise span from Social Media Marketing to Business Consulting. These companies have made significant contributions to their clients by implementing innovative marketing strategies, online presence optimisation and business growth mechanisms.


Metrodigi, founded by Ron Severdia and Steve McKinney, is the leader in cloud software authoring platforms for digital content creation, Its platform, Chaucer, allows users to easily create and assemble interactive digital content by dramatically reducing the time, cost, and complexity of creating scalable interactive content. The results are products and services that answer the creative challenges of the dynamic publishing industry.

Credder Inc.

Credder Inc., founded by Chase Palmieri, is the people’s media rating platform. The company aims to restore consumer and advertiser trust in the news industry by making content compete for credibility, not just for clicks. Credder Inc has won Mozilla’s 2020 Builders Award and the NBA’s Sacramento Kings Capitalize 2021 Competition.

Creative Merchandise

Creative Merchandise is an Advertising, Marketing, Web Design, and Web Development company based in Larkspur, California. More information about the company’s founding, operations, and services can be found on its website.

Active Ingredients

At Active Ingredients, a close-knit, collaborative team of designers, technologists, and storytellers work together to help brands build strong customer relationships. They offer smart strategies that set you up for success through web, email, and social experiences.

E29 Marketing

E29 Marketing has been operating as a Strategic Marketing Agency since 2017. They dig deep and take the time to understand underlying challenges to provide strategic solutions and creative ideas that connect consumers and brands in meaningful ways.


MogoSME is a dynamic Advertising and Marketing agency based in Larkspur, California. Despite not having a detailed company bio, the company is known for its impact in the Advertising and Social Media Marketing industry.


Tenx4 leads a strategic review process to help clients find the right agency partner. They bridge the gap between business needs and right partners and solutions. They provide strategic advice to their clients and agency partners every step of the way for a better RFP experience.

Add Rev

Add Rev is an Advertising, Consulting, and Internet company based in Larkspur, California. Despite not having a detailed company description, it is known for its contributions to the advertising industry.

Written by Mark Smith

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