Exploring Lewes, Delaware: Hub of Innovative Advertising Enterprises

Delaware, specifically Lewes, has grown into quite the hub for companies operating in the advertising industry. Several power players have chosen this charming seashore town to set up shop, stand out from the crowd and make a significant impact on the advertising world. We’re taking a deep dive into these advertising titans, examining their roots, industries, and services to highlight the potential of this small town and its big players.

The selection of companies also showcases the diverse range of advertising and marketing specialties that have sprouted in Lewes. These innovators offer services from Email Marketing to Music Streaming, Market Research, and beyond. The variety attested to the depth of expertise and dynamism inherent in the innovative incubator that Lewes has become.

It’s clear, Lewes is not just a pretty face. Under its picturesque facade, it’s a serious business contender, a place where Fortune 500 companies can comfortably rub shoulders with start-ups, and every business can find the support, inspiration, and community they need to grow and prosper in their chosen field. Let’s meet some of these outstanding companies.


Mailmodo, an email marketing solution, is a relatively new addition to the Lewes advertising industry, having been founded in 2020. The genius behind this company is its co-founders Apurv Gupta and Aquibur Rahman. Mailmodo empowers users to send app-like interactive AMP emails, revolutionizing the traditional email experience.
Follow @mailmodo on Twitter or find them on Facebook at and on LinkedIn here.


FasTest AI, an advertising technology company, helps identify ad creatives with high commercial potential. The brainchild of Andrew Kislov and Nikita Konstantinovskiy, FasTest AI offers a unique toolkit and solutions to optimize the ROI of ad creatives. Read more about their work here.

Craft Music

Founded by Anya Oleynik, Craft Music melds multiple sectors together – including music streaming, social media marketing, and video advertising. This interesting platform serves as a social media application, pocket studio, and peer-to-peer marketplace for musicians, artists, and brands. You can find more information about them at Craft Music Facebook and Craft Music LinkedIn.

Adtelligent Inc.

Adtelligent Inc. is a pioneering ad technology company offering sell side ad tech and intermediation solutions for publishers. With founders Alex Bornyakov, Artem Logvin, Denis Timchik, and Yuriy Gorokhov at the helm, this company has set a new standard by integrating ad serving, display and video, header wrapper capabilities and outstream functionalities into one package.
Follow them at Adtelligent Inc. Facebook and LinkedIn or check their latest updates on Twitter @adtelligent.


Zajno is a creative powerhouse helmed by Sasha Turischev and Yegor Mytrofanov. This digital design studio stands out with its commitment to creating unconventional websites and apps featuring custom graphics, photos, videos, and animations. The company innovates and excels in delivering tailored solutions to convey the unique personality of each client. You can connect with the Zajno crew on Twitter @zajnocrew, Facebook and their LinkedIn page.

Red X Talent

Red X Talent, spearheaded by Deoz Wilson and Vx Wilson, operates in areas including advertising, social media advertising, content marketing, social media management, and more. Although the company’s details are currently sparse online, they promise to be ones to watch in the industry. For updates, follow their LinkedIn page.


Outchart, led by Igor Kuznetsov, provides a comprehensive multi-component digital signage solution with a unique tech offering for DOOH programmatic mediation. Outchart fulfills the advertising needs of both outdoor and indoor display owners, cementing its place as a key player in the Lewes advertising industry. Learn more here.

Hernan Vazquez

Hernan Vazquez offers consulting and email services. Although further company details are currently sparse, they keep active in their field. You can track their updates at Hernan Vazquez Facebook or LinkedIn.

Oray Ads

Oray Ads offers advertising and digital marketing services. For more information on their services, please visit their LinkedIn page.


SellerLift offers advertising and professional services. You can keep an eye on their progress at SellerLift Facebook, Twitter @SellerLift, and LinkedIn.


Finally, we have Pinzak Network, a marketing solutions provider offering a host of services including PPC advertising, influencer marketing, and event planning. Stay in touch with them on Twitter @pinzaknetwork, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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