Exploring Naples: Leading Italian Advertising Agencies Transforming Shopping Experiences

Italy, renowned globally as the origin of pizza, pasta, and fine wines, is a vibrant country with historical cities teeming with rich culture and tradition. Nestled within the picturesque regions of this marvellous country is Naples, a city known not just for its scenic landscapes and architectural wonders, but also for its emergence as a bustling hub in the advertising industry. Several companies based in Naples are making significant strides in digital marketing, social media advertising, and related fields. We will delve into the inner workings of some of these companies, taking a closer look at their operations, team structures, and unique selling points.

Today’s advertising landscape orbits around digital and social media avenues, making Naples an intriguing location filled with brands that have taken a liking to operating away from the metropolitan cities like Rome or Milan. These companies are holding their own in the competitive world of advertising, offering unique and innovative solutions that are making waves in the industry.

So, let’s take a stroll through the streets of Naples, figuratively of course, and explore some promising advertising luminaries that call this stunning Italian city home.


Hatched by founders Fabrizio Perrone, Gennaro Varriale, Luca Camillo, and Luca Pignataro, Buzzoole serves as an influencer marketing platform that permits brands to incorporate key influencers into their digital and social communication setup. With the company’s proprietary technology thoroughly analyzing online dialogue and categorizing it, Buzzoole helps brands connect with influencers to augment their niche market presence in an automated manner. Offering robust savings compared to external agencies, Buzzoole’s business model embraces an approach transparent enough for brands to monitor their campaign spending, the campaign idlers, and ROI. Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter offer more insight into Buzzoole’s operations and platform.


Stepping into the realms of advertising, information technology, and pharmaceutical marketing, Merqurio carves its niche in Naples’ dynamic business scenery. More information about the company operations can be accessed via their web page or through social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Native Agency

Designed to offer marketing strategies that resonate with customer’s ambitions, Native Agency caters to service verticals like social media, design, event management, inbound, and outbound e-commerce. They also help launch projects to compile a contemporary and resilient tourist offering. Engage with Native Agency through their Facebookand LinkedIn platforms to learn more about them.


Created by founder Aldo Santoro, Adsolut blends expertise in advertising, brand marketing, digital marketing, SEM, SEO, and social media marketing to provide well-rounded solutions to brands. Join their digital journey through Facebook and LinkedIn for more insights into Adsolut’s operations.

Exit Communication

Providing consulting and creative agency services in advertising, marketing, and social media, Exit Communication is an integral player in Naples’ vibrant advertising industry. Connect with them through Facebook and LinkedIn to uncover more about their projects and initiatives.


Nunau, co-founded by Andrea Tascino, specialises in advertising, digital marketing, graphic design, and web development. Nunau’s journey can be followed through their social network pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Utopia specializes in advertising, graphic design, and personal branding, providing unique solutions to clients who want their businesses to stand out in the market.

Stile Libero

As an integrated communication agency, Stile Libero offers high strategic and creative standard services. Built on ideas, fine-tuned with research, and backed by professionalism, Stilelibero’s team meticulously draws up projects that capture their client’s unique personality. Connect via their LinkedIn for further insights.

Rif Raf

Co-founded by Joseph Cali, Rif Raf offers an array of services, including website creation, mobile design, content management, web marketing, SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, branding, and more. Follow Rif Raf on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay updated on their latest offerings.

Shake Up

In the vibrant world of digital marketing and web design, Shake Up is making a distinct mark. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn to know more about their digital campaigns.

Liqueedo Digital Contents

Liqueedo Digital Contents, co-founded by Domenico Armatore, specializes in producing creative social media campaigns tailored to brands of all sizes. Join their community on Facebook and LinkedIn to keep abreast with their latest initiatives and campaigns.

Written by Mark Smith

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