Exploring Regensburg’s Leading Ad Agencies in the Retail Industry

Regensburg, Bayern, Germany is a cosmopolitan city with a long-standing history of business and commerce. Known for its impressive industrial scene, the city is home to many cutting-edge advertising companies that play an important role in the global business world. The following is an in-depth look at some of these companies, their business models, and what sets them apart in a competitive industry.

Located right in the heart of Germany, Regensburg promises a business setting that is second to none, and the advertising companies from this region have a strong history and ethos in the industry. These companies help shape and drive advertising trends on a global scale and are known for their innovative practices and forward-thinking strategies. The city offers the infrastructure needed for such enterprises to flourish and a rich environment full of potential clients.

The scope of these companies' expertise varies significantly, from digital marketing to SEO, mobile advertising, e-commerce, and more. The rich diversity is what makes Regensburg’s advertising scene unique and attractive for partnerships and collaborations. Below, we delve more into each of them.

JC Media

JC Media operates in the advertising industry, specializing in digital marketing, E-Commerce, and SEO. This company's extensive services help businesses reach their target audience and achieve their marketing goals. They have an impressive digital footprint with a notable presence on Facebook.


Adciting is a social media advertising agency. They develop individual advertising strategies based upon research into the target group and the use of advertising media such as videos, images, and text. Find out more about them on their LinkedIn page.


With a growing impact in the industry, Renoarde specializes in Advertising, Customer Service, and Marketing. You can follow their updates and explore more about their business on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

DEUS Marketing GmbH

DEUS Marketing GmbH is dedicated to optimizing companies' digital assets. They manage these assets and use them to build an overall picture based on a common thread. Their web presence is strong, with active Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Brutus Media GmbH

Brutus Media GmbH focuses on Mobile Advertising and Mobile Apps. As a subsidiary of YOC Group, this company develops mobile applications for mobile marketing activities.


FULLHAUS operates in the Advertising and Marketing industry. They maintain an engaging digital footprint with their Facebook page.


Webart-IT is a stalwart in the Advertising, CMS, E-Commerce, and Web Hosting industry. They keep their business community updated through their Facebook page.


SenerDesign thrives in the Advertising, E-Commerce, Graphic Design, Marketing and Web Design fields, and connects with their clients through their Facebook page.


Alongside communication design, eins+null specializes in the development of advanced Internet applications based around the latest web technologies. They maintain a strong digital presence, with active Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


The marketing and advertising agency, 34MOTION, specializes in video production and advertising. You can learn more about their work and updates on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


ASIBA focuses on Advertising, Events, Graphic Design, Printing, and Trade Shows. This company designs and produces outdoor signage, business cards, and provides individual lettering requirements for different events and applications.

Written by Mark Smith

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