Exploring San Salvador’s Pioneering Players in the Advertising Industry

San Salvador – a bustling city in the heart of El Salvador, is emerging as a centre for advertising industry startups. The appeal is no surprise; it’s a city that thrives on innovation and creativity, a fertile ground for companies with big ideas. In this article, we bring you the names of the household names of the advertising industry. These companies have their bases rooted in San Salvador and are creating waves worldwide.

From developer APIs and mobile advertising to digital marketing and web development, these companies are pushing the boundaries of conventional advertising. By developing solutions for emerging technologies to meeting the objectives of brands, they have proven themselves innovators and trendsetters.

Let us dive into these companies:


midō is a progressive Latin-American startup that develops software solutions based on emerging technologies, launched in 2013. They specialize in a wide array of channels including Developer APIs, Developer Tools, Mobile, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Payments, Software, and Web Development. Midō provides advanced software-based solutions across various platforms. Connect with them on Linkedin.


Roots offers unique ways of engaging customers through their Advertising, Digital Marketing, Mobile, Web Development platforms. Follow them on Facebook.


VivaRepublic takes a creative approach in Advertising and Marketing. Get quick updates and news via their Twitter account.

Sume Clientes

Sume clientes are specialists in Advertising, Digital Marketing, and the Information Technology industry. Follow them on Facebook.

The Orange Box Agency

The Orange Box Agency is a pioneer in Advertising, Lead Generation, Marketing, SEO, Web Design, Web Development. Check out their Facebook page for showcases of their groundbreaking ideas.


Founded by Eduardo Quinonez, Opres provides services in Advertising, SEO, Social Media, Web Design sectors. Find them on Linkedin.


DIVE operates in the field of Advertising, Digital Media, Web Development. Follow them on Linkedin.

Group Plan B

Group Plan B offers communication strategies to brands that include social media marketing, web development, digital listening, and multimedia production. Get to know them better by visiting their Linkedin page.

La Kompra

La Kompra has a business model based on Advertising, Classifieds. Follow them on Facebook.

Aktiva Media

Aktiva Media provides services in Advertising, Digital Marketing, Mobile Apps, Professional Services, Web Design and Web Development. Check their Facebook page for more updates and news.

Cafeína Digital Studio

Cafeína Digital Studio operates in the Business of Advertising, Computer, Digital Marketing, Information Technology, and Professional Services. Keep up with all their latest updates on their Twitter account.

From small start-ups to the giants of industry, San Salvador has it all. Next time you think of the advertising industry, think of companies like these, all making their mark from a Central American city on the move. We look forward to bringing you more updates from the advertising world, straight from the heart of San Salvador.

Written by Mark Smith

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