Exploring Sharjah’s Pioneering Players in the Advertising Industry Landscape

Welcome to the vibrant world of the Advertising industry where creativity mingles with strategy. Today’s focus will be on companies rising from the United Arab Emirates’ cultural and business hub, Sharjah. These dynamic entities bolster the commercial strength of Sharjah by contributing innovative digital marketing solutions and multifaceted advertising techniques that reach audiences worldwide. Explore these companies and immerse yourself in their rich diversity, from digital marketing agencies to companies specialising in mobile advertising.

The strategic location of Sharjah positions these companies to cater to diverse clientele across continents, their services shaping the face of modern advertising. The entrepreneurs behind these entities come from diverse backgrounds, their combined expertise reflecting in the success of their respective firms. These companies are on a constant journey of change, adapting to the evolving digital trends, ensuring they stay ahead in their game.

Let’s delve into the journey of these ten companies defining the Advertising industry in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. These companies are – Media Leads LLC, izi.TRAVEL, Marketing Genius, Zorins TV, Magic Trading Co, Turrino Advertising and Marketing, Tech Cybers, The Zero Commission, Pinetree FZC, Almeka, and Honeybee Digital.

Media Leads LLC

Founded by Safath al salam, Media Leads LLC is a key player in the Advertising Industry in Sharjah. The company is renowned for its work in digital marketing, film production, graphic design, IT management, among others. Connect with them on Twitter,
Facebook, and LinkedIn.


At the helm of izi.TRAVEL is Arjaan Kunst. The company has become a noted entity in the realm of education, mobile advertising, and travel, offering interactive and educational experiences for tourists. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Marketing Genius

Marketing Genius, located in Sharjah, provides services in Advertising and E-Learning. Owned and managed by Fabio Gallerani and Matteo Pittaluga, the company has created a strong foothold in the industry. Check out their LinkedIn page.

Zorins TV

Zorins TV has revolutionised the media and entertainment field by offering diverse entertainment channels ranging from kids’ programming to Islamic content.

Magic Trading Co

Founded by an enterprising team, Magic Trading Co is a renowned name in the field of Advertising and Printing. The company maintains a robust online presence, and you can connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Turrino Advertising and Marketing

Turrino Advertising and Marketing offers comprehensive advertising solutions to help brands reach their potential. You can get a glimpse of their work on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Tech Cybers

Sharjah-based Tech Cybers offers a range of services including Advertising, Domain Registrar, SEO, and Web Hosting. Get in touch with them through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The Zero Commission

Changing the real estate game, The Zero Commission connects property owners directly with tenants and buyers. The brainchild of Dimple Sharma and Nitin Vashisht, the company aims to redefine UAE’s real estate landscape. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Pinetree FZC

Focused on advertising and marketing, Pinetree FZC has been shaped by the entrepreneurial spirit of Mohamed Ameen. It nurtures a strong online presence, as seen on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.


Almeka offers a spectrum of services in Advertising, Consulting, SEO, and Web Development. See their work and connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Honeybee Digital

Manish Raghani’s venture, Honeybee Digital, offers a gamut of services from web design to E-commerce. The agency remains client-centric and up-to-date with its strategies. Get to know them more on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

These dynamic companies have marked their unique territories in Sharjah’s advertising landscape. Their creativity, technology use, and strategic expertise have contributed significantly to winning client trust and driving business growth. Against the growing digital shift, their competencies undoubtedly place Sharjah as a key contributor to UAE’s burgeoning advertising industry.

Written by Mark Smith

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