Exploring Tokyo’s Higashi-Shinagawa: The Advertising Industry’s Vibrant Headquarters

Located in one of the bustling wards of Tokyo, Higashi-shinagawa is home to a thriving group of companies playing powerful roles in the global Advertising industry. With an array of service offerings spanning across creative content production, digital marketing, mobile advertising services, and much more, these enterprises represent the dynamic nature of Japan’s ad industry. They help shape the narratives and strategies that brands employ globally and locally.

Most renowned for their business acumen and innovation in the Advertising sector, these companies are great contributors to both the Japanese and the global economy. Despite their geographical location, their impacts have been felt across continents, and they have continually set a high standard for others in the industry. We have undertaken the task of exploring the key players in the Advertising Industry in Higashi-shinagawa, starting with the following companies:

Our journey starts with Paradigm, a comprehensive creative agency that offers advertising and marketing services. Founded by Jason Culter, with its facility located in Higashi-shinagawa, Tokyo, Paradigm works passionately to create distinctive and compelling creative content that captures the spirit and vision of their clients. Facebook | LinkedIn

Mobile Factory

Mobile Factory offers mobile content and mobile advertising services including mobile affiliate and mobile click network. Founded by Maiko Sato and Miyajima Yuji in 2001, they’ve anchored their success in a mobile-centric approach to advertising. LinkedIn

Premium Japan

Next up, is Premium Japan, a company specializing in advertising and event management. Founded by Mio Shimamura, their reputation for creating immersive events and captivating advertising campaigns gives them a standing ovation in the industry. Facebook | Twitter

Origress Parks

Origress Parks specializes in providing a blend of advertising, marketing, media and entertainment services, all under one roof. Although the founders’ information is not readily available, one can observe effectiveness in their approach to their distinct advertising strategies.


Founded by Numata Tomohiro, Shingura offers a variety of services under the banner of advertising, internet, and marketing. This comprehensive approach helps to deliver consistency across multiple platforms. Facebook | Twitter

Cosmic Engine

The Cosmic Engine offers an extensive range of services in advertising, digital marketing, social media, web design, and web development. Their extensive portfolio showcases the breadth and depth of their expertise.


ADVAN not only specializes in advertising but also in the planning, development, and management of apps. Established in 2010, they’ve leveraged technology and expertise to carve out a notable space in the ad-industry.


UPPGO is another advertising and marketing giant based out of Higashi-shinagawa, Tokyo. Just as the other companies, UPPGO prides itself in providing innovative marketing solutions that help businesses thrive.

Xseed Digital

Xseed Digital, founded by Takemoto Junya, specializes in the niche segment of advertising for electric vehicles and electronics. They also focus on digital marketing, advertising, and media businesses.


Last, but definitely not least, is LOCKER Games.

From the vibrant streets of Higashi-shinagawa, these companies have expanded their reach far beyond the city limits, and continue to push boundaries, inspire, and evolve the Advertising industry.

Written by Mark Smith

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