Exploring Uskudar’s Pioneers in the Istanbul Advertising Industry

Üsküdar, Istanbul is known far and wide for its rich history, captivating landscapes, and bustling markets. Yet, this region is also a hub of innovation and is now recognized as a hotbed for companies operating in the dynamic and ever-evolving advertising industry. In this article, we cast a spotlight on some of the leading advertising companies operating out of this area, detailing their background and the various services they provide.

These companies are driving the future of advertising by employing cutting-edge technology, innovation, and sophisticated strategy in their operations. They range from digital marketing agencies to companies specializing in packaging services, restlessly working to create effective advertising solutions that resonate with their respective audiences.

Let’s take a closer look at these interesting enterprises, each one of them adding a unique value to the advertising industry, while leaving an indelible mark in this competitive sector.


PublishMe, founded by Levent Gökçeler and Özgür Özalp, operates in the advertising, gaming, marketing, mobile devices, and online games industry. This full-service games marketing agency is known for its value-driven professional approach, delivering results tailored to the needs of gaming companies and brands in Turkey and MENA. You can find more about PublishMe on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Sempeak is a professional search engine marketing agency that offers one-to-one services to its customers. This company, established on August 22, 2011, specializes in advertising, analytics, SEM, and SEO. Stay connected with Sempeak through their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

Keyifli Fikirler

Keyifli Fikirler is a creative powerhouse in the advertising industry, known for its work in brand marketing, graphic design, and packaging services. For more details and updates, visit their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

Promosyon Bank | Promotional Products

Promosyon Bank operates in the advertising, e-commerce, and marketing industry, specializing in promotional items, organizers, powerbanks, and direct sales discounts.


Sopromo, operating in the advertising and e-commerce sector, has carved out a unique niche for itself in this competitive industry. For more updates, check out their Facebook page.

Dijifabrik Agency

Dijifabrik Agency is renowned in the ad industry due to its contribution to media and entertainment advertising. Stay updated about their work through their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

Red and Grey

Founded by Altan Colak, Red and Grey operates in the advertising, content marketing, and digital marketing industry. You can find further information on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.


Fabbarika, operates in the advertising, digital marketing, and digital media industry. Connect and learn more about them on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.


İnfografik, founded in April 2012, is a design agency that provides visual content and infographic design solutions to corporate customers. Get more updates from their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Written by Mark Smith

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