Exploring Vilnius: Spotlight on Lithuanian Advertising Industry’s Powerhouses

Over the last few years, Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, has emerged as a breeding ground for innovative startups in the advertising industry. The city provides a nurturing environment for these startups, offering a growing talent pool of tech-savvy professionals, a supportive startup community, and a governmental commitment to fostering innovation and digital progress. In this article, we will explore some of the standout companies in the advertising sector that have their headquarters in Vilnius.

From affiliate marketing and advertising platforms to artificial intelligence and data analytics, these companies have captured and utilized the essence of modern technology to promote products and services more effectively. They offer unique and innovative solutions to businesses around the globe, helping them increase visibility, improve marketing strategies, and ultimately drive more revenue. Leading the way in this evolution are various Vilnius-based advertising firms that have already made a significant impact in the advertising industry.

The following provides insights into these companies and their significant contributions to the advertising industry:


Founded by Dmitri Zotov and Stanislau Litvinau, Affise operates in the spheres of advertising, affiliate marketing, business intelligence, enterprise software, and marketing automation. Affise offers brands and agencies an opportunity to build and scale partnerships in performance marketing. With its headquarters in Vilnius, it has established a strong social media presence with followers on platforms like @getaffise, Facebook, and LinkedIn., founded by Vlad Zhovtenko, is a privacy-first, SaaS ad tracking and conversion attribution platform. It provides real-time data, alerts, and automation to maximize return on ad spend, capture the customer journey, and evaluate marketing performance across digital channels. Connect with them on @redtrackio, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Attention Insight

Founded by Kamile Jokubaite, Attention Insight improves advertising campaign results and design performance with pre-launch analytics. Using AI, it offers a visual attention prediction algorithm and predictive heatmaps that provide valuable insights for decision-making in design. Follow them on @ai_attention, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Throo Payments

Throo Payments, founded by Panos Zeppos and Sotiris Syrmakezis, is a revolutionary payments & loyalty marketplace for both physical and internet commerce. With several added-value features, it offers cheap, fast, and rewarding payments with a superb user experience for both individuals and merchants. Find Throo Payments on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Operating in the advertising and loyalty programs sector, Boomio aims to revolutionize the customer loyalty sector, which it perceives as plagued by out-of-date or inaccessible loyalty programs. You can find Boomio on LinkedIn.


Founded by Vytautas Paukstys, Eskimi is a full-stack programmatic advertising platform with over 1.5B profiled users worldwide. With unique rich media creatives, advanced targeting, in-game advertising, and premium ad-ops service, it aims to get your brand awareness, reach, and engagement growing. Connect with Eskimi on @youreskimi, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Molecule Data

Molecule Data was founded by Dovydas Jakstas and Rytis Zolubas. Offering services in reporting, campaign budget automation, campaign creation, attribution, Molecule Data provides a wide range of services to marketers.


Boommio, led by founder Jonas Davalga, is a customer engagement and acquisition company that combines product marketing and the scale of online advertising. You can connect with Boommio on their LinkedIn page.

Founded by Eimantas Sabaliauskas in 2012, focuses on building extensive Ad Networks, investing in technology and innovation, optimizing algorithms, and processes to help clients improve conversions and generate maximum ROI. Stay updated through their @adtargetme account, Facebook page or LinkedIn.


Founded by Andrej Ruckij, Daumantas Mikucionis, and Laurynas Jokubaitis, Wowtto connects drivers on the streets with brands using a flexible, thin as paper display attached to a car. Wowtto aims to digitize outdoor advertising by connecting online and offline worlds of advertising. Connect with them on @wowttoglobal, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Alan Mendelevich, Adduplex is a cross-promotion network for Windows Phone apps. It enables Windows Phone developers to promote their apps for free by helping each other. Keep up with Adduplex by following them on @AdDuplex, liking their Facebook page or connecting on LinkedIn.

The companies listed above are just a few examples of the innovative and resourceful businesses found in Vilnius. They are not only changing the advertising industry with their innovative ideas and applications, but are also helping to transform Vilnius into a global startup hub.

Written by Mark Smith

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