Exploring Wakefield’s Top Advertising Firms: A Focus on Shopper Marketing

The advertising industry in Wakefield, Massachusetts, is a vibrant and unique ecosystem. The town, often referred to as the epicenter of innovation, is home to numerous startups and established companies that are dominating the digital and classic advertising landscapes. Spanning across various sectors such as e-commerce, digital marketing, education, and more, these firms offer bespoke solutions to brands, helping them create meaningful connections with their target audiences.

From multichannel ad campaigns to media planning and analytics, there’s a wealth of potential collaborations and partnerships in the world of Wakefield’s advertising. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key players operating in this realm, shedding light on their offerings, founding teams, and where they sit within the broader industry tableau.

Note: Not every company has provided comprehensive details regarding their operations. However, we’ve included all available information to present as accurate a snapshot as possible.


Specializing in performance marketing, Eversave is an online marketing pioneer that connects women with brands. The firm offers an array of customizable, flexible, measurable, and analytical products designed to help brands increase their audience engagement. They’re known for working with some of the biggest global brands. Discover more about Eversave on Facebook, LinkedIn and @eversave on Twitter.

Alliance for Open Media

The Alliance for Open Media was launched in 2015 with a mission to develop open standards for video compression and delivery over the web. The company doesn’t provide much insight into its activities, but you can stay updated through their Twitter handle.


A non-profit global organization, SEMPO, supports the search engine marketing industry and its professionals. Founded by Barbara Coll and Bob Tripathi in 2003, the firm focuses on strengthening relationships within the industry, promoting awareness, and offering education. Follow SEMPO on Facebook, LinkedIn and @sempoglobal on Twitter for further updates.

CAM Media

CAM Media is an integrated media company and advertising agency. With a strong focus on client relationships and quality, the firm offers a broad spectrum of services across the advertising industry. More about CAM Media can be found on their LinkedIn page.

Affiliate Media Network

Offering solutions across advertising, internet, marketing, and social media, Affiliate Media Network is another key player in Wakefield’s vibrant advertising sector. However, little else is known about this company.

Caster Communications

Specializing in public relations, marketing, and social media, Caster Communications helps tech clients grow their global reach. To stay updated about their services, you can follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, as well as @castercomm on Twitter.

Batten Bros

Founded by Edward Batten and George Batten, Batten Bros is a unique firm that combines 3D printing, advertising platform, and graphic design services. To keep up with their latest offerings, follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn or @BattenBrosSigns on Twitter.

Charity Hop

Charity Hop, founded by Brett Rudy and Mike Lembo, provides services across advertising, public relations, and sports. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay updated about their activities.

JC Marketing Associates

Founded by Ann Chisholm Hadley, JC Marketing Associates is a company that operates in advertising, marketing, and public relations. Discover more about JC Marketing Associates on their Facebook page.

Psychability Inc.

Psychability Inc., founded by Aseem Bakshi and Pankaj Shroff, is all about bringing big data and data science to TV marketing. Their Data Management Platform (DMP) offers comprehensive tools for a data-driven media planning and selling paradigm. Stay updated about their services by following @psychabilityinc on Twitter.

Written by Mark Smith

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