Gloucester-Based Advertising Powerhouses: Pioneers in Massachusetts Retail Promotion

Welcome to this edition of the Business of Shopping series where we showcase notable companies from the bustling advertising industry. In this segment, we’re heading over to Gloucester, Massachusetts, Our focus is a tour of amazing companies who have innovatively honed their advertising strategies to deliver unmissable services and products. These companies cut across different sub-niches, offering a rich diversity that speaks to the innovative and dynamic spirit of Gloucester’s business landscape.

Gloucester proves to be a rich pool where creativity meets business. Whether it’s in the field of mobile apps, human resources, marketing, software development or even printing. Each of these companies offers something unique that has earned them a spot in the marketplace, and in this article. We’ll be delving into what these companies are about, their founding history, their unique contributions, and how they are changing their respective industries.

Our aim is to shine a spotlight on these hidden gems, and inspire you with success stories of these businesses. You’ll get a background of each company, some of their founders, a brief look at what they do, and links to their company websites and social media platforms. Brush up on your knowledge of Gloucester’s business sector with these carefully curated profiles. Let’s begin.


A trailblazer in the world of shopping experience improvement, Poppo is the first visual search mobile app that rewards users instantly for engaging with brands as they shop. Founded by Chris Williams and Mike Vien, Poppo is revolutionizing retail shopping by allowing advertisers and retailers to provide users with a “third shelf” experience. This rewards-based interaction introduces a new engagement model that benefits both consumers and brands.


Neil Costa founded HireClix as a pioneering industry figure in interactive recruitment marketing strategies. HireClix offers invaluable services in the field of online recruitment marketing, achieving this through the provision of practical and measurable results coupled with unparalleled customer service. Providing a turnkey solution in the areas of search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing, interactive marketing and social media, HireClix is constantly innovating in the field of recruitment marketing.

GAP Promo

GAP Promo is a leading figure in marketing and advertising based in Gloucester. It combines creativity and strategic marketing approaches to deliver unforgettable brand experiences. GAP Promo prides itself on offering tailored promotional merchandise and marketing solutions that maximize brand connectivity and boost customer engagement.


In the world of graphic design and social media marketing, Braag stands out with its approach in delivering results. With a keen focus on advertising, email marketing, graphic design, marketing, and social media marketing, Braag is paving the way for innovative marketing approaches that are proving pivotal to customer engagement and business growth.

Stimulate Solutions

Stimulate Solutions is an advertising and analytics company providing a state-of-the-art social media marketing platform. This SaaS-based solution simplifies the process of managing and measuring social media campaigns. This system enables marketers to increase the efficacy of their strategies and significantly improve marketing ROI.


Based in Gloucester, Massachusetts,, founded by Mark F. O’Connor, is a company primarily operating in the Advertising, Internet, Search Engine, Video industries. It prides itself on its innovation and use of tech-forward strategies to deliver results.

Media Program Network

The Media Program Network is another prominent player in Gloucester’s advertising and social media advertising scene. It offers a unique blend of services, which make it a significant contributor to the local economy and the thriving business ecosystem in Gloucester.

Gloucester Graphics

Operating in the advertising, digital signage, manufacturing, and printing industries, Gloucester Graphics offers a wide range of services that cater to various customer needs. It stands out as a one-stop-shop for most advertising and manufacturing needs, bolstering Gloucester’s reputation as a thriving business hub.

Written by Mark Smith

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