Novato’s Advertising Companies Impact on Shopping Industry: A Comprehensive Insight


Nestled in the heart of California’s golden coast, the small city of Novato is home to an impressive roster of advertising companies. This industrious town located north of San Francisco has attracted a variety of businesses due to its rich talent pool and strategic locale near the epicenter of the tech industry. This article spotlights several thriving companies, their founders, and their unique contributions to the Advertising industry.

Each of these illustrious companies adds its distinct flavor to the industry’s melting pot, from groundbreaking marketing strategies and film production to creative web design and digital services. Shaping the landscape of advertising with every innovative idea, their influencing reach is not limited to just Novato or California. They drive a global impact with their unparalleled insights and expertise, establishing Novato as a shining beacon for the Advertising industry.

Let’s delve into these companies and explore who they are, what they do, and how they continually revolutionize the advertising industry, one advertising campaign, one website, one video at a time.


Co-founded by Claire Garvie and Munir Haddad, Kiosk prides itself on its insight, strategy, technology, media, and creative approach to marketing. This approach has continually gained impressive results and love from their clients. Connect with Kiosk on their LinkedIn, Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.


Explainly is a company that specializes in explainer videos. Founded by Alex Hagan, this company has expertise in creating custom animations to fit any business need. Discover more about Explainly on their LinkedIn page or find them on Facebook.

Alaniz Marketing

Alaniz Marketing is a full-service integrated marketing company. Known for their leading-edge advertising and marketing solutions, they have carved a niche in the San Francisco Bay Area. Visit them on their LinkedIn, Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.

NKB Media Services

NKB Media Services offers a range of services and Jelli is their primary platform for programmatic audio. Connect with NKB Media Services on Facebook.


TenLinks is a popular media company for CAD, CAM, and CAE. They claim to have over 3 million monthly visitors to their network of over 50 websites and newsletters. Discover more about TenLinks on their LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter.

Big Cat Advertising

Big Cat Advertising excels in creating innovative advertising and web design solutions. You can find Big Cat Advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, or follow them on Twitter.

Picture Marketing

Picture Marketing has created a platform for businesses that want to capture images of consumers as a part of their business process. Connect with them on their Facebook.


Appsolite is another notable company in Novato, California specializing in Digital Marketing and Software. Connect with Appsolite on their LinkedIn page, Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.

Nu-Designs Digital

Nu-Designs Digital are seasoned experts in web designing and digital marketing. Visit them on LinkedIn, Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.

Content Strategy Online

Content Strategy Online is a company encompassing various services including web designing, web development, and digital marketing.

Bartram Partnerships

Bartram Partnerships offer a wide spectrum of services from advertising to consulting and marketing to training. Visit Bartram Partnerships on Facebook, LinkedIn, or follow them on Twitter.


Written by Mark Smith

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