Prominent Advertising Agencies Thriving in Oss, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

The advertising industry, often seen as the catalyst of commerce, thrives in the bustling province of Noord-Brabant in the Netherlands, particularly in the city of Oss. This haven for creative minds hosts a myriad of dynamic companies, ranging from traditional advertising to digital marketing and web development. The purpose of the article is to shed light on these firms, their specialties, and their commitment to pushing commercial boundaries while offering unique solutions to their clientele.


Located in Oss, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands, Kampert-Nauta is a company with roots in both the advertising and digital marketing industry. In addition, the company also offers services in logistics and printing. You can find more about them on their Twitter page, their Facebook and their Linkedin profiles.

Sprangers Communicatie

Another stalwart advertising and brand marketing company, also offering consulting services, is Sprangers Communicatie. Poised at Oss, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands, this is an enterprise with a robust digital presence. To know more about their operations and offerings, visit their Twitter profile, their Facebook page and their LinkedIn account.

Herber Design

Herber Design presents a hybrid catalog that includes advertising and graphic design, along with additional services like printing and web design. They operate from Oss, Noord-Brabant, with an online presence on Facebook.


Existing at the intersection of creativity and technology, Huyswerk offers expertise in advertising, graphic design, marketing, and project management. They also provide photography services. Based out of Oss, Noord-Brabant, those interested in Huyswerk's services can find them on their Facebook page or their Linkedin profile.

UP Reclame

UP Reclame is a company that specializes in advertising, with a particular focus on outdoor advertising and web development. They too are based out of Oss, Noord-Brabant, and can be found on their Facebook page.

Design Vision

Design Vision operates out of Oss, Noord-Brabant specializing in advertising, graphic design, and web development, with a unique addition to offerings in the banner of video services.


A specialist in advertising, Compact provides a host of other services like Content Creation, SEO, Social Media, and Video Services. Operating from the city of Oss in Noord-Brabant, Compact's Facebook page presents a deeper insight into their work and their brand value.


BiggerBusiness is a prominent company in the field of advertising and digital marketing. They are specialized in content creation and SEO, operating from Oss, Noord-Brabant, with a social media presence on Facebook and LinkedIn.


With footprints in the city of Oss, Revoluto is known for their contributions to the advertising industry. They also provide services in the realm of web design.


Bv2D, based in Oss, offers a unique blend of advertising, animation, film production, SEO, and web design. This makes it a stand-out company within the region's dynamic advertising landscape.

We Are Millennials

We Are Millennials, a buzzing player in the city's advertising scene, offers services centered around Digital Marketing and Social Media. They also offer Social Media Marketing and are based in Oss, Noord-Brabant. They maintain an active presence on Facebook.

Written by Mark Smith

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