Prominent Advertising Firms Dominating from Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, UK

Welcome to the Business of Shopping’s special series on advertising companies based in the bustling hub of Leamington Spa, Warwickshire in the United Kingdom. Known for its vibrant commercial scene and thriving industries, Leamington Spa has a unique concentration of advertising agencies that contribute significantly to the sector. In this feature, we will explore the profiles of these companies, their specialties, and their role in spearheading advancements in the advertising world.

Advertising has evolved dramatically over the years, driven by changes in technology and consumer behaviour. Traditional print advertising has given way to digital advertising, social media marketing, and a vast array of innovative strategies designed to captivate and engage consumers. The businesses we highlight are key players in this transformative landscape, utilising every facet of modern advertising to deliver cutting-edge services to their clients.

The companies range in scope and focus, from those specialising in digital-first campaigns and data-driven marketing to businesses offering comprehensive marketing and consulting services. Now, let’s uncover more about these businesses and their core capabilities.


Based in Leamington Spa, Cognition is an advertising agency specialising in marketing. You can connect with them through their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Monster and Monster

Working at the intersection of advertising, digital marketing, gaming, and information technology, Monster and Monster offers a unique suite of services. Follwo them on Facebook and Twitter.

Serendipity 2

Serendipity 2, co-founded by Peter Flood, is an advertising company entrusted by major brands and retailers. Keep in touch with them on LinkedIn or Twitter.


Founded by Andy Wood and Tracy W., Renegade combines strategic content with technology and data skills. Find them on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.


Specialising in B2B and digital media marketing, VirtualROI is an advertising company in Leamington Spa. Connect with them via their LinkedIn or Twitter account.

Oh My

A prominent player in digital marketing, Oh My offers a wide range of advertising services. Follow their latest activities on Facebook or Twitter.

Deeply Digital

Founded by Richard Strange, Deeply Digital focuses on delivering dynamic advertising content. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

MIB Data Solutions

Based in Leamington Spa, MIB Data Solutions offers a variety of advertising solutions. Network with them on LinkedIn.

Sutcliffe Reynolds Fitzgerald

Offering web design and development along with advertising, Sutcliffe Reynolds Fitzgerald caters to various client needs. Follow them on their Facebook.


L M M C offers a variety of advertising, consulting, and marketing services. Network with them on LinkedIn.

C&C Communication

C&C Communication is a notable name in the fields of cybersecurity and lead generation, in addition to advertising. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Having explored these businesses and their unique offerings, it’s clear that Leamington Spa represents a dynamic hub within the UK’s advertising sector. Stay tuned for further highlights in this series as we delve deeper into other industry sectors making their mark in Leamington Spa and beyond.

Written by Mark Smith

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