Prominent Advertising Firms Thriving in Hillsboro, Oregon: A Detailed Overview

In today’s digital age, advertising is a key industry that brings visibility to businesses and services. Hillsboro, Oregon, is a hub for emerging and established advertising agencies: transforming the local business ecosystem. This article sheds light on the dynamic advertising companies headquartered in Hillsboro, offering unique and specialty creative resources to businesses across various sectors.

The selection of advertising agencies based in Hillsboro represents the city’s vibrant and diverse business atmosphere. These entities cater to distinct requirements, specializing in video, marketing, public relation, SEO, and digital marketing as part of their profile. Intriguingly, these agencies have etched their marks in both local markets and international platforms, underscoring their expertise and affluence in the advertising industry.

Insight into each of these agencies will provide valuable perspective on their operations, achievements, and contributions to the advertising industry. Each has a compelling story to share with the hopes of inspiring other businesses and agencies seeking to make their mark in the field of advertising.


LAIKA, founded by Phil Knight, Travis Knight, and Will Vinton, operates in the video and advertising space. The company has demonstrated excellence, creativity, and innovation in its field. [description NOT provided]. Check out more about LAIKA on @laikastudios, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Pinnacle Exhibits

Founded by Chris Olberding, Pinnacle Exhibits specializes in advertising, events, and marketing. The firm’s expertise and dedication to client campaigns have given it a unique place in the industry. [description NOT provided]. Find more about Pinnacle Exhibits on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Speak! is a versatile advertising agency providing an array of services ranging from brand marketing, public relations, and web development. [description NOT provided]. Get more insights via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Pinnacle is a company offering advertising and IT services to clients. Expert in hosting events and marketing, Pinnacle is a one-stop solution for various clients. [description NOT provided]. Learn more about Pinnacle on LinkedIn.

TQE Marketing

TQE Marketing, a prominent player in advertising, helps clients achieve top search engine rankings and outreach to their target consumer base. [description NOT provided]. Additional details can be found on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Marketing Zoom, Inc, created by Tony Scott is an innovative online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of marketing and advertising opportunities. It offers tools for local business advertising and communication. Find more details on @marketing_zoom, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Nesace Media

Nesace Media is exceptionally skilled in advertising, digital marketing and graphic design, combining creativity and technical expertise. [description NOT provided]. Discover more about Nesace Media on @nesacemedia, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Connecting Your Customers

Connecting Your Customers, founded by Robert Turvey, offers advertising, consulting, and marketing services to help businesses reach their target customers effectively. [description NOT provided]. Keep up with Connecting Your Customers on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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