Prominent Blackburn-Based Advertising Companies Revolutionising Shopping Industry

Welcome to our latest edition of Business of Shopping, where we explore the underrated hotbed of advertising and marketing expertise fueling growth in the dynamic shopping industry. This edition takes you through the heart of Blackburn, Lancashire, an emerging hub for innovation and creativity in the United Kingdom. Blackburn is home to numerous high performing companies, each contributing to the evolution of the advertising industry and helping shape the future of digital marketing services.

The companies we’ll be featuring are not just frontrunners in their locality, but they also hold substantial significance in the global marketplace with their inventive and versatile offerings. As we delve into their profiles, we shed light on the unique blend of tradition and modernity that they bring to the table, helping brands forge a unique identity in a cluttered marketplace.

Let’s deep dive into these companies that are revolutionising the way we connect, communicate and conduct our businesses online.


Located in Blackburn, 21Digital is a specialist in Advertising, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, and Web Design. With an impressive credibility built over time, this advertising company strives to deliver top-notch services that directly contribute to the growth of various businesses. Find them on @21Digital_Ltd, Facebook, and LinkedIn


Upmkt, co-founded by Danielle Heptonstall and Sarah Cottingham, specialises in Advertising, Brand Marketing, and E-Commerce. They are well-regarded for devising impactful brand strategies and e-commerce solutions. Follow them on their journey on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Infused is another Blackburn-based company, experts in Advertising, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, Web Design and Web Development. Infused offers comprehensive digital solutions to elevate your brand’s online presence. Stay connected with them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Ink and Pixels Creative

With a knack for Advertising, Graphic Design, and Web Design, Ink and Pixels Creative deploys creativity and technology to build brands and drive growth. Connect with them for fresh ideas on their Twitter and Facebook pages.


iCONQUER, a long-standing web design and SEO company, offers comprehensive digital marketing solutions. As Google partners providing expert PPC marketing strategies, they ensure each website they build converts new visitors into customers. Stay updated with their services on @iCONQUERseo, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


From Advertising to Film Production, Glasgows has a varied portfolio designed to meet diverse client needs. This Blackburn-based company is also a pro in Digital Marketing and Event Management. Catch them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

Jam Thinking

Jam Thinking is an authority in Advertising, Contact Management, Marketing, Web Design, and Web Development based in the heart of Blackburn. Always brimming with new ideas, they can be found sharing insights on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Big Presence

Big Presence creates bespoke advertising campaigns that generate leads and enquiries for businesses looking to fuel their growth. Stay clued in on their latest strategies through their LinkedIn profile.

Web Design 360

Web Design 360, based in Blackburn, is not just about design. They champion services in Advertising, Digital Marketing, SEO, and Web Development. Engage with them through their Facebook page.

Weblinx Ltd

Weblinx Ltd, a leading SEO company in the UK, offers a range of services from website design to social media marketing. Learn more about their services on @weblinxltd, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Contrado Digital

Contrado Digital paves the way in Blackburn for Advertising, Digital Marketing, Professional Services, and SEO. Be sure to check them out on @ContradoDigital, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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