Showcasing Pioneering Advertising Enterprises Based in Kiev, Ukraine

In the bustling metropolis of Kiev, Ukraine’s thriving capital, a vibrant cohort of companies are advancing the advertising industry in new and exciting directions. Today we highlight some of these forward-thinking companies, exploring their innovations, ethos’, and the ways they’re reshaping what it means to dominate the digital space. From ad servers to creative portfolios, these companies embody the ‘Business of Shopping ‘allowing marketers to better connect with consumers to drive business growth.

These businesses are diverse, each with their unique perspective and approach to advertising. They possess broad-ranging areas of expertise, from mobile and video adverts to digital media, from ad retargeting to software development. Many leverage the power of algorithms alongside human creativity to deliver compelling campaigns that captivate the audience and prompt engagement.

This article is a toast to their brilliance, their creativity, and the innovative platforms they’re using to improve the advertising experience for businesses and consumers alike. Let’s take a closer look at these front runners, their unique offerings, and their footprints in the industry.

Epom Ad Server

Creators Alex Lunkov, Anton Ruin, and Sergiy Chudnovkyy had a vision – to revolutionize the advertising industry using automated optimization. Their creation, Epom Ad Server, is an all-in-one advertising platform for managing display, video, and mobile ad campaigns. From small businesses to large conglomerates, private ad exchanges to affiliate networks, Epom services a broad client base with a user-friendly dashboard, extensive targeting, real-time analytics, and automated bidding and optimization. Having partnered with over 300 clients, including Playrix, Taptica, Kromtech, and AppNexus, Epom certainly has an impressive track record.


Gravitec, an innovative multi-channel communications solution developed by Denis Zernyshkin and Sergey Martynchuk, allows businesses to precisely target their customers. The platform supports various mediums, including push notifications, texting apps, progressive web apps, or simple SMS to engage with customers. Empowering renowned brands like New Balance, Watsons, Xiaomi, and Cisco with its cutting-edge segmentation and targeting tools, Gravitec is favorably making advances in the advertising industry.

Kartoon Art, Inc

Kartoon Art, Inc, is a unique platform that offers a portfolio service for creative people. Founders Olexandr Shalakhin and Olga Shalakhina have included tools to heighten artists’ online presence and enable efficient interaction with businesses, making it an effective platform for creatives in the digital advertising space.


PulsSoft has provided an edge to the world of digital signage with its universal software solution. This software manages advertising and information campaigns on digital signage devices, thus streamlining content creation and campaign management.


Victor Karpenko founded SeoProfy with a focus on improving a website’s online presence through the deployment of SEO strategies, thereby maximizing advertising reach and effectiveness.


Global performance marketing technology company, Rontar, offers a unique take on advertising with AI and Big Data capabilities. Founded by Alex Velikiy and Slava Velikiy, the company provides dynamically generated ads, helping e-commerce businesses convert and attract customers.

Bike Money

Bike Money is another spectacle in the Kiev advertising industry. Whilst information about its founders and description are sparse, Bike Money continues to be a part of the vibrant advertising landscape.


Another influential company contributing to Kiev’s advertising industry is Elit-web. While the specifics about its founders and services are under wraps, Elit-web remains a player in the marketing and web sectors.

Burda Ukraine

Helmed by Hubert Burda, Burda Ukraine provides services in content marketing and print publication, creating books, corporate magazines and managing print tasks of varying complexities.


Founded by Mariia Lvovych, GetReviewed is a unique platform offering genuine service or product reviews by authority bloggers, allowing for transparent customer feedback and reviews, a crucial aspect of digital advertising.


Last but not at all least, DataMix has made a mark in the Kiev advertising scene specializing in web development, mobile apps, software, and advertising, demonstrating its wide-ranging capabilities and versatility.

Written by Mark Smith

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