Spotlight on Arezzo: Pioneering Italian Advertising Firms in Toscana Region

The bustling region of Arezzo in Toscana, Italy, is not only renowned for its remarkable art, history, and culture but is also a thriving hub of innovative businesses. It is home to a number of dynamic enterprises in the Advertising industry, which manage to blend the region’s deep historical roots with 21st-century digital innovation. Today, we cast a spotlight onto several of the standout companies based in this bustling region.

From E-Commerce to Digital Marketing, to Creative Agency and beyond, these companies exhibit a diverse range of specialties and skills. All are combining technology and creativity in distinctive ways to put their mark on the advertising industry and engage their audiences.

We’ll look at their histories, their missions and visions, and the unique solutions these companies offer. In each company’s profile, we’ve included contact information and social media links so our readers can further explore these companies and their services.


Adabra is an industry leader in Advertising, E-Commerce, Marketing, Marketing Automation, and Personalization, founded by Gian Mario Infelici and Lucia Milighetti. Adabra aims to increase sales in both online stores and point of sales for marketers and retailers by providing a personalized and engaging shopping experience for customers. The company adeptly analyses customers’ behavior and displays the most relevant products, increasing e-commerce sales. Connect with Adabra on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Della Nesta

Della Nesta specializes in various industry sectors such as Advertising, Brand Marketing, Creative Agency, Digital Marketing, and Web Design. Details about the founders are unavailable, but the company prides itself on its innovative approach and creativity. You can find Della Nesta on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Atlantide Audiovisivi

Diversifying its capabilities in Advertising, Film Production, Graphic Design, and Web Development, Atlantide Audiovisivi brings an imaginative touch to its works. Although the founders’ details are not listed, their influence can be seen in the company’s work. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Amm SpA

The Italian company Amm SpA specializes in Advertising and Marketing, offering services in web marketing and technology for sending mass messages. Their innovative solutions have made a significant mark in the industry. Visit their LinkedIn for additional information.

2 Next Level

Located in Arezzo, 2 Next Level is involved in various sectors such as Advertising, Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Telecommunications. Although details of its founders are not available, the company’s work speaks for itself in these leading-edge fields.

Wml Design

Wml Design is a company that operates in Advertising, Publishing, and Web Design. This company stands out for its seamless blend of advertising and design ingenuity, even though the founders’ details are not available.

Studio Astra

Studio Astra is another Arezzo-based company operating in the Advertising and Marketing industry. They can be found on Facebook and LinkedIn, offering further insight into their operations.


Serving the Advertising, E-Commerce, Fashion, and Textiles industries, Gecoshopping provides promotional clothing and advertising accessories that can be customized. Their range includes jackets, pens, embroidered polo shirts, personalized sweatshirts, printed t-shirts, and more. Follow their updates on Twitter and Facebook.

Written by Mark Smith

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