Spotlight on Bünde’s Advertising Giants: A Business of Shopping Feature

Welcome to the latest issue of our series highlighting Bünde’s thriving advertising industry. Bünde, located in the Nordrhein-Westfalen region of Germany, has become a hub for businesses specializing in a range of sectors within the broad field of advertising; from customer service and social media marketing, to graphic design and outdoor advertising. This article provides a closer look at each company, from their origins to the services they offer to their clients today.

Bünde is home to a plethora of successful advertising companies, but we’ve chosen to highlight a few particularly noteworthy ones in this piece. These companies are innovating advertising techniques and defining what it means to be an industry leader in the 21st century. We’ll start by looking closely at each company’s background, touching on their origin stories and their development over time.

Each company listed below has made significant contributions to the advertising industry in Bünde, establishing the city as a hub for innovation and growth in the sector. Without further ado, let’s dive in.


Despite being a newcomer in Bünde’s advertising scene, ComAW has already made a significant impact. This adaptable booking system, designed for all kinds of properties, counts municipal utilities and telecoms amongst its clients. Simultaneously serving private owners and major consumer market chains, ComAW has proven to be a game changer in the industry.

Specialising in outdoor advertising, is a mainstay in Bünde’s advertising landscape. With their widespread reach and innovative advertising strategies, they’re known for combining traditional outdoor advertising with contemporary digital platforms.

Extra Blatt

Extra Blatt is another company making waves in Bünde’s advertising industry. They are dominating the information services and news sectors, offering fresh, creative advertising solutions that resonate with the modern consumer.


Focusing on advertising, marketing, and SEO, WAN has become an indispensable partner for many local businesses in Bünde seeking to increase their online visibility and effectively reach their target audience.


Known for their mastery in graphic design, marketing, and packaging services, HOCH5 has been redefining the advertising medium in Bünde and beyond. Their creative solutions consist of striking visuals that make brands stand out in the saturated market.

With a unique spin on advertising, capitalises on the vast reach of the entertainment industry. This company has become a leader in advertising platforms focused on movies and music, bringing ads to large audiences in a creative and engaging way.

CAW Media

CAW Media is known for its innovative approach to digital marketing and photography. This company’s unique visually-based strategies have made an indelible impact on the advertising scene in Bünde.

Horn Werbedesign & Folientechnik

Specialising in outdoor advertising, Horn Werbedesign & Folientechnik has become a go-to company for high impact advertising in Bünde. Their expertise lies in creating eye-catching ad installations that demand attention and engage potential customers.

Knappe + Lehbrink Promotion

Knappe + Lehbrink Promotion offers solutions for display advertising among other services. Notably, they provide large placements for beverage retailers and carry product display counters, creating innovative and appealing advertising for a wide array of clients.

Gottesmann Griese Werbetechnik

Gottesmann Griese Werbetechnik is a company that prides itself in delivering high-quality advertising creativity through graphic design and marketing. Founded by Gottesmann Griese, this company has been making waves in Bünde with their engaging, custom advertising solutions.

Written by Mark Smith

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