Spotlight on Catalan Advertising Firms Thriving in Sabadell, Spain

The bustling region of Sabadell, Catalonia, Spain is not only famed for its rich history and culture, but for its dynamic and innovative business environment. It has turned into a hotspot for various companies, especially those operating in the advertising industry. While these companies encompass a diverse range of specialties, they all share a common goal: to revolutionize advertising approaches while integrating stronger ties with the digital world. In this article, we will highlight some of these companies that are making strides in the competitive field of advertising.

The selection of companies mentioned all have distinct characteristics. They range from providing high-tech solutions to giving their clients a creative edge, amplifying their market reach, and strengthening the efficacy of their promotional strategies. These companies prove that Sabadell is indeed a hub for revolutionary advertising. Hence, they confirm the city’s status as a destination for business innovation. So, let’s delve into these companies.

While highlighting these companies, we will unearth their elemental features including their industry, website links, and brief bios whenever they are available.

Rich Audience

Founded by Jean-Cristophe Lesbros and Manuel Merino, Rich Audience is a key player in the Advertising, Advertising Platforms, Internet, and Marketing Automation industries. Check them out on Linkedin and Twitter.

El Merkat

El Merkat is an innovative presence in the spheres of Advertising, Creative Agency, and Marketing. Visit their Facebook and Linkedin pages for more information.


Operating in a variety of sectors such as Advertising, Analytics, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Marketing, SEO, and Web Design, Montaweb offers a diverse set of services targeted at business growth. Find more on their Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin profiles.


As a unique blend of Advertising, Marketing, Real Estate, and Virtual Reality, visita3D enhances customers’ values through the use of advanced virtual tours. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Global Marketing Directo

Global Marketing Directo redefines advertising strategy within the Call Center, Sales Automation, and Telecommunications industries. They can be found on Facebook and on Twitter.


Inventive in the sphere of Advertising, Brand Marketing, Content Creators, Digital Marketing, and UX Design, Creacom is an in-demand expert in transforming brand stories. Reach out to them through Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.


Combining their expertise in Advertising, Graphic Design, and Marketing, Onoffline has made a name in the industry. Their Linkedin has more info.

Nordic Projects

Nordic Projects has a unique take on Advertising, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing, and Web Design. Stay updated through Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.


Cell layers their advertising solutions with Graphic Design, SEO, UX Design, and Web Design services, providing a holistic experience. Keep up with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Hispanetwork Advertising and Services

Delivering services in Advertising, Graphic Design, and Web Design, Hispanetwork Advertising and Services has carved a significant place in the industry.


Last but not the least, Basicmatica infuses creativity in Advertising, Digital Marketing, Marketing, and Printing. Keep up with them on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

These companies are not just dominating their specific spaces, but are reshaping the direction of the overall advertising industry from Sabadell, Catalonia, Spain. They solidify the significance of their locale as an advertising powerhouse.

Written by Mark Smith

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