Spotlight on Hamburg’s Pioneers Transforming the Global Advertising Industry

Welcome to the Business of Shopping, where we expose game-changing advertising businesses that are transforming the global e-commerce landscape. In this edition, we delve into the bustling metropolis of Hamburg, Germany, home to a vibrant ecosystem of innovative advertising companies. We explore deep into these companies, understanding their businesses, achievements, and the brains behind these success stories. Strap in for a fascinating tour of innovation and resilience as we introduce ten Hamburg-based companies revolutionising the advertising industry in unique ways.

Hamburg offers an ideal environment for start-ups dealing in Advertising, Marketing and IT sectors due to its dynamic nature and international character. Hence, it has become a hub for several successful advertising companies who are challenging industry norms and delivering superior services to various clientele. This article will walk you through these outstanding firms, giving you insights into their unique offerings, and the brilliant minds that are at the helm of their operations.

Our list includes companies operating in different aspects of the Advertising space, including App Marketing, Mobile Advertising, Advertising Platforms, Social Media, and AI-driven platforms. Each of these companies has effectively leveraged the advantages of their sector, delivering innovative solutions to advertisers and marketers. Let’s get started.


Founded by Carlo Szelinsky and Jonas Thiemann, AppLike is a dynamic company that develops apps for all mobile devices, provides mobile advertising, app recommendation, and innovative B2B solutions. Since its inception in 2015, AppLike has leveraged its Hamburg base to tap into a global market.


Sponsoo is an innovative online marketplace founded by Andreas Kitzing, Bela J. Anda, and Christian Kaspar. It connects non-professional athletes and sport teams with corporate sponsors, thereby revolutionising the sponsorship industry in the sports sector.


Launched on 8th February 2011 by Benjamin Schroeter and Teja Topfer, Facelift offers a range of solutions for professional social media management. Its global team of over 200 people supports more than 1,200 renowned brands, companies, and agencies as clients.


Founded by Alexander Geest and Patrick Kollmann, AddApptr GmbH operates a supply side platform for mobile applications. Its solution AddApptr SDK, lets developers and publishers monetize their advertising spaces in apps, supporting both iOS and Android devices.


CEO Kasper Skou and CTO Thomas Rask Thomsen founded Semasio in November 2010. Semasio is a provider of targeting and insight solutions for programmatic advertising, creating sophisticated profile-targeting using natural language processing.

Linkster GmbH

Linkster revolutionises the measurement of results from influencer marketing campaigns. Founded by Giannis Paraskevopoulos and Moritz Zbocna, its proprietary technology allows for effective tracking of conversions and revenues from influencer campaigns.


Founded by Björn Goerke, Dennis Proppe, and Philippe Take, Gpredictive has created a software that allows marketers to easily create A.I. models that can be applied to touchpoints within customer journeys. Typical use cases are retention, churn, cross- and upsell, as well as lead scoring.


Another brainchild of Carlo Szelinsky, adjoe is a leading advertising and monetization platform providing publishers and advertisers with cutting-edge solutions to engage their audience and scale their business.

Interactive Performance Deutschland GmbH

Founded by Gitte Ahsbahs and Mathias Seidler, Interactive Performance Deutschland GmbH is a result-oriented company developing well-orchestrated solutions for digital advertising business. Their approach is aimed at substantiating the relevance and efficiency of their client’s digital advertising business.

Savings United

Founded by Jonas Rensch, Patrick von Rüden, and Panayotis Nikolaidis, Savings United is a unique couponing white label provider, connecting advertisers with smart shoppers all over the world.


Established by Bastian Zuehlke and Harsha Padmanabha, Visarity develops display AD technology that empowers mobile Ad networks and publishers to create immersive 3D mobile experiences, transforming product storytelling and creating memorable customer interactions.

That sums up our Hamburg advertising company tour. These companies are pushing the limit in their respective niches, delivering inventive solutions and reshaping the advertising industry, and putting Hamburg on the global advertising map.

Written by Mark Smith

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