Spotlight on Mobile’s Pioneering Advertising Agencies: A Business Deep Dive

In the heart of Mobile, Alabama, there lies a vibrant hub of creative minds operating in the advertising industry. The city has become an epicentre for innovative advertising strategies, catering to various sectors like digital marketing, UX design, web development, social media, and more. This article highlights the leading advertising companies headquartered in Mobile, appreciating their unique contributions to the industry.

Each business featured has worked tirelessly to solidify its place in the industry, offering comprehensive solutions that convert to business success for their clients. These adventurers of the advertising world venture beyond the status quo, boldly navigating a rapidly-changing media landscape, and going above and beyond to ensure their clients stand out across various platforms.

This comprehensive review provides snapshots of companies steadily making their mark in the field, offering compelling insights into their journeys thus far. We invite you to explore their individual stories and visually stunning creations that continue to redefine the standards of quality within the industry.

Red Square Agency

Founded by Richard C. Sullivan Sr., this platform-centred advertiser sets up high standards in out-of-the-box creative solutions. Red Square has distinguished itself with dynamic and relevant advertising approaches tailored to the zeitgeist. Connect on LinkedIn.


Straddling the exciting intersection of advertising and web design, RSQ redefines what it means to be an ad agency. They operate with a unique boldness that characterizes the modern advertising agency. Follow their journey on Facebook and LinkedIn.

PMT Publishing

PMT specializes in bringing advertising, media, and entertainment together in seamless spectacle, making a significant impact on the publishing scene. Learn more about them onLinkedIn.

American Marketing & Publishing LLC

Co-founded by Abram Andrzejewski, this organization offers an expansive spectrum of services, focusing on local advertising and search engines. They share their pioneering efforts on Facebook and LinkedIn.

eBay Advertising

Started by Cody Vernoy, as part of the well-recognized marketplace- eBay, this organization offers innovative solution in internet marketing and advertising. Connect on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Jarrett McCraw, Mighty offers an impressive range of services from advertising and marketing to UX designing and web development. Follow their journey on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Dogwood Productions

As a forerunner in internet marketing, consulting, and web design, Dogwood Productions continually brings exciting new ideas. Engage with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Blue Fish

This advertising agency prides itself on its bespoke marketing strategies and mobile advertising innovation. Follow their inspiring journey on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Southern View Media

Specializing in advertising, marketing, and web design, Southern View Media has cemented a highly respected position in the SEO industry. Connect on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Hummingbird Ideas

Co-founded by Timothy Dozier, Hummingbird Ideas is recognized for their prowess in advertising, social media, and web development. Experience their creative world on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Davis South Barnette & Patrick

Founded by Dave Barnette, Don Davis, Ira Patrick, and Meridith South, this agency excels in brand marketing and social media management. Learn more on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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