Spotlight on Plzen’s Pioneering Advertising Enterprises: Czech Republic’s Untold Stories

Welcome to another installment in our series highlighting companies in the Advertising industry located in Plzen, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic. Plzen, known for its rich history and industrial roots, is also home to a thriving digital industry comprising a diverse mix of firms specializing in advertising, marketing, social media and much more. Let’s take a closer look at some of the notable companies headquartered in this Czech city.

Advertising is vital for businesses, as it creates consumer interest in goods and services. Among the thriving digital industry in Plzen are several companies that are carving a niche for themselves in the advertising field. In this article, we turn the spotlight on these companies, highlighting their profiles and contributions to the industry.

Whether they are long-established or just breaking new ground, each of these firms has made impressive strides in their respective spaces, earning them recognition both locally and internationally. Read on to discover some of the leading lights in advertising based out of Plzen, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic.

ANT studio

ANT Studio is a dynamic player in the advertising, eCommerce, marketing and social media space. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and creative thinking, it delivers results-oriented solutions that drive business growth. Connect with them on Facebook or Twitter.


Grafia’s scope extends beyond advertising into education, marketing and public relations, providing a comprehensive suite of services for businesses. Stay updated with their latest initiatives on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Red Peppers

Renowned for its excellence in advertising, marketing, and web design services, Red Peppers is a creative agency that delivers high-impact, innovative solutions that help businesses stand out. Follow them on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Dedicated to providing top-tier web solutions, PROSEO Media excels in advertising, brand marketing, content marketing, digital marketing and more. Get in touch on Facebook or LinkedIn for more information.


STONE is a leader in advertising, graphic design, and marketing, delivering aesthetically pleasing and compelling campaigns that resonate with audiences and generate tangible results for clients.

MK Software

A pioneer in the digital field, MK Software extends its expertise in advertising, SEO, software solutions, and web design, helping clients succeed in the digital landscape.


Pdigital stands at the forefront of advertising, digital marketing, and social networking, providing successful PPC campaigns, social network management, and more. With their expertise, businesses can effectively advertise online.


Euroverlag navigates the complex worlds of advertising, marketing, and publishing to deliver innovative solutions that empower brands to effectively communicate their value and reach their target audience.

David A Jakub

David A Jakub is a revered name in advertising and brand marketing. It blends creativity with strategic planning to design campaigns that inspire and influence. Follow them on Facebook for more updates.


Specializing in advertising, marketing, and outdoor advertising, W & P Euroneva is reputed for its exceptional solutions that capture attention and provoke action. Connect with them on LinkedIn to learn more.


Finalizing our list is NAVA DTP, an advertising agency also involved in graphic design and marketing. Their targeted solutions are designed to maximize visibility and connect brands with their audience. Stay updated with them on Facebook.

With this exploration into Plzen’s Advertising Industry, we hope to provide insight into the compelling work these companies do. While each company uniquely contributes to the industry, they collectively represent Plzen’s vibrant and innovative businesses driving the advertising industry forward.

Written by Mark Smith

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