Spotlight on Putuo, Shanghai: Titans of China’s Advertising Industry

In the heart of Shanghai’s Putuo district, a vibrant hub of the advertising industry is steadily rising. A cluster of innovative companies are making waves with their unique and effective branding strategies – mastering the tricky balance of new technology and traditional advertising principles. They have their geographical roots planted firmly in Putuo, but their influence reaches far beyond the boundaries of Shanghai, China’s biggest city, into global markets. This article highlights some of these dynamic organizations and their contributions to the continually evolving world of advertising.

Whether it’s e-commerce, big data, or content marketing, these firms run the gamut of the advertising industry’s subcategories. They play integral roles behind the scenes, helping companies forge authentic connections with their markets and turning mere brand awareness into solid consumer loyalty. The breadth and depth of their expertise pave the way for creativity and innovation in a brutally competitive, fast-paced industry.

So, let us journey together into the realm of these advertising game-changers. We will delve into their operations, ambitions, and the minds behind their successes. The grand tapestry of their innovative strategies showcases the diverse ways these companies leverage technology, creativity, and a keen understanding of consumer behavior to create powerful advertising narratives. Here’s introducing the brilliant roster of Putuo, Shanghai’s advertising phenomena.


Founded by a dynamic team of creative and business professionals, AOSI specializes in online full-link health sector solutions. Their offerings range from core traffic management and shop operations to e-commerce sales, disease education, and disease management. They redefine digital marketing strategies in the health sector, proving themselves indispensable to their clients. You can learn more about them on their LinkedIn page.


Skytech, established by Ji Jian, shines brightly in the realm of advertising, brand marketing, social media marketing, and more. With innovation as their cornerstone, they’re consistently breaking new ground with their groundbreaking strategies. More about them can be found on their LinkedIn page and Facebook page.


Helmed by the visionary Li Kangxiao, NEONE offers an array of services in the sectors of advertising, consulting, digital marketing, and information technology. Check out their fascinating story and portfolio on their LinkedIn page and Facebook page.

Wangxiang Media

Wangxiang Media is a tour de force in the sectors of advertising, digital marketing, and marketing. This powerhouse is renowned for their data-driven strategies and innovative ideas.

At, brilliant minds come together to create exceptional advertising and marketing strategies for the digital space. Their distinctive approach to integrated marketing sets them apart in the industry. Discover them on their LinkedIn page.


Under the leadership of Zhang Peili, Eguangtech is committed to developing efficient, one-stop advertising marketing platforms. They leverage big data to help clients achieve marketing and revenue growth, proving themselves as a leading player in the analytics industry.


Digital-S has carved a niche for themselves in advertising, content marketing, digital marketing, and SEO. They believe in creating strong narratives that resonate with audiences, thus driving customer engagement and eventually boosting brands’ bottom lines.

Vision Star

Founded by Daocun Cha and Xianghua Yu, Vision Star is an integrated marketing company that excels in video and content marketing. They deliver strong performance in brand advertising, live broadcast ecommerce, content integrated marketing, and various other arenas. More can be discovered about their journey on their LinkedIn page.

Written by Mark Smith

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