Spotlight on Randburg-based Advertising Firms Influencing South Africa’s Shopping Trends


Located in the heart of South Africa in Randburg, NA, a powerful group of advertising companies have chosen to establish their headquarters and make their mark. They come from a range of backgrounds in the advertising industry, among them are multinational corporations, young start-ups, and everything in between. These companies have different specialities within the broad advertising industry and together they create a unique ecosystem that serves different stakeholders in the advertising industry.

This article aims to shine a spotlight on these companies, showcasing what they do and their contribution to the advertising industry. These companies are not just making waves locally, but their influence and impact is being felt globally. With the advance of technology, these companies have harnessed digital platforms, social media, and innovative strategies to deliver exceptional service and performances.

The selected companies for this article are some of the most noteworthy advertising agencies in Randburg, NA. The description and details of each company are provided. Follow the links to further understand these companies and their offerings.

Adclick Africa

Adclick Africa Media Group is a diversified media company offering digital and OOH advertising solutions. Their speciality is connecting brands and agencies to premium audiences in Africa. Founded by Velly Bosega, it has significantly marked its presence in the field of Advertising Platforms, Digital Marketing, and Mobile Advertising.

You can follow them on @AdClickAfrica, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

E Media Holdings

E Media Holdings is primarily involved in the television and radio broadcasting industry together with content, real estate, and facilities sectors. They use a multi-channel platform to provide entertainment channels, adding value to the Advertising, Media, and Entertainment sectors.

Studio Zoo

Studio Zoo is a multitasking company serving in fields of Advertising, Broadcasting, Marketing, and TV Production. Their operations are vital for generating creative and strategic marketing solutions contributing to the further advancement of the industry.

You can follow them on @studio_zoo, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Indayi Communication

Indayi Communication a company founded by Hlangulani Msomi offers comprehensive and strategic solutions to Advertising, Creative Agency, and Marketing needs. Their unique blend of creativity and professionalism brings out some of the most captivating advertising strategies.

You can follow them on @indayi, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Engineered Media

Engineered Media is particularly engaged in Advertising, Digital Marketing, Information Technology, Lead Generation, and Web Design. They stand at the intersection of technology, creativity, strategy, and business, making them a versatile force in the advertising industry.

You can follow them on Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Point.B Digital Marketing Agency

Point B is a marketing agency that offers personalized website design, search engine optimization, rigorous social media marketing, and PPC services. They grow their business through online advertising, web optimization, and data analytics.

You can follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Marnox Media

Marnox Media is extensively involved in Advertising, Consulting, Digital Marketing, and Media and Entertainment fields. They always aim at surpassing the boundaries of marketing excellence.

You can follow them on @MarnoxMedia and LinkedIn.


SilverstoneCIS works on building online and mobile business and consumer communities. They deliver integrated Digital and Mobile Media Marketing and Communication solutions to Brands, Advertisers, Media Owners, and more.

You can follow them on @hellomobile and LinkedIn.


Brandsplash is an advanced-market player, that works extensively in Advertising, Digital Marketing, SEO, Web Design, and Web Hosting.

You can follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Global Latitude Creative Group

Global Latitude Creative Group is a significant player in Advertising and Marketing offerings. Their commitment and dedication can be seen in their satisfactory and creative work.

You can follow them on @GlobalLatitude, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Brand Contact

Brand Contact’s services include branding, activations, events, corporate identity, graphic design, brand strategy, and copywriting. They work in fields of Advertising, Brand Marketing, and Digital Marketing, providing solutions to help clients connect with their audience.

You can follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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