Spotlight on Stellar Haidian-based Advertising Companies Transforming Shopping Trends

Welcome to another feature in our series on the world of advertising. In this article, we will travel to the bustling city of Haidian, Beijing, China and bring attention to some innovative firms that are leading the charge in the Advertising industry, connecting businesses with audiences in new and engaging ways. From Artificial Intelligence to Big Data, these Haidian-based companies are pushing the boundaries of traditional advertising, changing the ways we think about marketing.

Given that the advertising industry is a key catalyst in the world of business and commerce, the importance of understanding these companies and their unique offerings can’t be overstated. Starting from their unique selling propositions, founders, and company bios, we provide an overview of each company. Prepare to meet some companies that might change everything you knew about the advertising industry.

Get your browsers ready as companies’ names are URLs to their respective websites, giving you effortless access to their digital homes, and gain a deeper understanding of their offerings and cultures. Let us embark on a journey to Haidian district, the Silicon Valley of China, and discover the potential these companies hold.


Founded by Zhang Mo, Yi+ operates at the intersection of advertising, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning. This enterprise aims to provide intelligent commercial solutions for visual content, by interpreting image and video scenes, detecting objects, identifying goods, and providing recommendations. See their work on LinkedIn and follow them on twitter at @YiJia_AI.


As a data-driven marketing strategy and analysis platform, Palmax partners with application developers, brand advertisers, and e-commerce companies to streamline global integration, marketing, data tracking, and automatic operation.


Founded by Zhong Wenxiu, Baosheng is a company with a one-stop integrated marketing service system for independent innovation. They are driven by their commitment to provide businesses with efficient mobile internet digital marketing platforms such as brand marketing strategy positioning, marketing strategy research, and all-media resource marketing planning.

WOSO Ads Network

A leading company in Advertising, Internet and Search Engine industry, WOSO Ads Network is an asset to the Haidian district community. Check them out on LinkedIn.


Founded by Weilei Zhang, WETEC is a marketing technology company providing digital marketing solutions for enterprises. Through the provision of digital marketing strategies, they aim to effectively solve marketing problems. Check their LinkedIn and Facebook for updates.


Founded by Wang Donghui, Daoyoudao operates in the Advertising, Digital Marketing, Internet, and Marketing industry. Connect with them onLinkedIn.

Anrui Digital

Founded by Qisheng Zhu, Anrui Digital is a cornerstone of the Advertising, Digital Marketing, and Marketing industry in Haidian. Check their LinkedIn for updates.

Duodian Keji

Duodian Keji is an Information Technology and Services Company providing mobile advertising, game trading, community engagement, mobile marketing, and game trading platform services. Check out their LinkedIn page for more information.


Qisike, founded by Yong Zou, operates in the Advertising, Information Technology, Internet of Things, Marketing, and the Service Industry. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Haomai is a key player in the Advertising, Customer Service, and Sales industry based in Haidian.

Yingmob Interaction

Yingmob Interaction completes our round-up of Haidian-based advertising companies. Specialists in Advertising, Marketing, and Mobile technologies, they’re an exciting firm to watch.

We hope this snapshot of the advertising industry in Haidian has provided inspiring insights and prompts further exploration. Keep an eye on these companies—they are shaping the future of advertising today.

Written by Mark Smith

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