Spotlight on Top Advertising Firms Based in Guatemala City, Guatemala


The advertising industry in Guatemala City, Guatemala is vibrant and teeming with diverse companies offering a wide range of services. From traditional advertising to fashion, marketplace, 3D technology, information technology, digital solutions and more, businesses have a rich pool of resources to carry out their advertising and marketing goals. We’ve rounded up some of the most influential advertising companies in Guatemala City.

These companies, led by trendsetting founders, are making substantial contributions in pushing advertising boundaries, ensuring businesses can effectively connect with their target markets. They do not only offer advertising solutions but also serve as platforms for innovative ideas, tools, and strategies.

The list of companies we’ve collected span various sectors of the advertising industry. They boast trail-blazing strategies and methods that have reshaped advertising landscapes, not just in Guatemala but in the global scene. Let’s take a look at these companies:

The Influence

The Influence is a sales network that brings next-generation ad tech from Silicon Valley to ad agencies in Latin America. Co-founded by Andrés Hernandez, Brian Ludlow, Chad Weinman, and Eduardo Benchoam, the company focuses on creating and maintaining relationships with ad buyers in the region. Its strategic goal is to cross-sell a suite of complimentary products. The Influence leverages customer relationships to uncover insights into new market opportunities and product acquisition. Follow them on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

Tangle Network

Tangle Network is a software development company founded by Eduardo Castillo. They specialize in designing referral tracking software for companies. They’ve created a unique platform that promotes Word of Mouth advertising through a rewards program. Their innovative approach helps companies track referrals and commissions and provides valuable information to clients via the Tangle Network application. You can connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.


Founded by Jonathan Kogan, XumaK delivers digital solutions to companies. They assist businesses to streamline the complexities of digital marketing and provide exceptional customer experiences. With over ten years of experience implementing Fortune 500 solutions, XumaK has emerged as a pioneer in Latin America, particularly in training on the AEM platform. Find them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Written by Mark Smith

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