Spotlight on Winter Garden: Florida’s Hub for Advertising Industry Leaders


Winter Garden, Florida, United States is home to an array of companies operating in the Advertising industry. There might be something in the warm Floridian air or the picturesque settings, but these businesses are known to deliver top-tier marketing, public relations, content creation, SEO, and a plethora of other services. In this article, we are highlighting the following companies that have established their headquarters in Winter Garden.

The companies on our spotlight list are known for their detail-oriented work, innovative strategies, and commitment to client success. They specialize in various domains within the advertising industry, which provides an enriching mix to their clients and the overall market. Armed with an experienced and passionate team, each is a force to reckon with and has etched their mark in the industry.

Each company gets its own recognition and space in this article, making it straightforward for potential clients and partners to access their details. All the company names have been hyperlinked to their respective websites for further information. Read on to know about these amazing organizations!

Plan A PR Marketing

Plan A PR Marketing provides outstanding services in hospitality public relations and marketing. They specialize in a vast array of marketing services such as branding, advertising campaigns, website design/development, social media, and more. Their strong commitment to infuse client-communications with a consistent brand image sets them apart. LinkedIn

C4 Social

C4 Social is known for its effective content and marketing strategies. Their service offerings and proven track record have made them one of the leading advertising agencies in Winter Garden. Facebook | LinkedIn

DeTorres Group

The DeTorres Group is recognized in the advertising industry for their expertise in lead generation, marketing, and SEO. Their innovative strategies and results-driven approach have made them a prime choice. Facebook | LinkedIn

Winter Garden Village

Creating a unique mix of advertising, events, and real estate, Winter Garden Village is more than just a company. They combine creative strategies and in-depth market understanding to deliver top-quality services. Facebook


Mindspot operates as a full-service advertising, consulting, and marketing firm. They are known for their client-centric approach and quality solutions. Facebook

Propath Media

Propath Media offers a mix of advertising, consulting, marketing, and professional services that amplify the brand value of their clients. Their exceptional creativity and innovative methods make them stand out in the market.


Ijenti specializes in providing marketing services with a focus on digital asset development, maintenance, and marketing campaigns. They help organizations to present their message and interact with important parties efficiently. Facebook | LinkedIn

Colonial House Press

Colonial House Press stands tall in the advertising industry with its customer service, packaging services, and printing capabilities. They have created a strong reputation for themselves due to their commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

Blue Collar Commerce

Blue Collar Commerce is renowned for offering services in advertising, e-commerce, marketing, web design, and web development. They have satisfied numerous clients with their technologically advanced solutions and inventive approach. Facebook | LinkedIn

Anonymous Creative

Anonymous Creative is dedicated to providing services in advertising, brand marketing, and digital marketing. They have mastered the art of creative solutions and have become a go-to firm for many clients. Facebook | LinkedIn


Mynians, offering services in advertising, graphic design, security, and SEO, bring fresh and innovative ideas to the table. Their ability to understand and deliver client requirements has earned them a respected spot in the industry. Facebook


Written by Mark Smith

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