Spotlight on Woodland Hills Advertising Industries: Powerhouses of Consumer Influence

The city of Woodland Hills,California,has become a hub of cutting-edge and innovative advertising companies that have produced real results for their clients. These companies range from offering complex marketing solutions to simple, easy-to-use applications, but they all have their beginnings in Woodland Hills. Let’s take a look at some of these companies and the work they do in the advertising industry.

Renowned for fostering an enabling environment for start-ups,Woodland Hills has witnessed the birth and growth of various companies. The forest of start-ups dotting the area goes beyond the Silicon Valley archetype of tech-focused outfits. Instead,they are a testament to varied,diverse,and innovative businesses that call Woodland Hills home.

Some of the companies that have stood out in the advertising industry are creating exciting and innovative approaches to their craft,transforming the way businesses reach out to their audiences. Among them include ReachLocal, CrowdGather, NewsCrafted, Consumer Attorney Marketing Group, Inc., Bloom Ads, Revolution Media, Stingray Direct, InterMedia Advertising, Symphonic Digital, Los Angeles News Group, and Dale Network.


Founded by John Mazur, Michael Kline, Michael Thompson, and Nathan Hanks, the company offers a range of digital marketing solutions, from search engine advertising to social media marketing. The company’s focus on small and medium-sized businesses makes them an essential player in the Woodland Hills business ecosystem. Facebook | Twitter


Sanjay Sabnani’s CrowdGather is a network of forum-based communities that engage message board users, providing them with interactive and information-rich environments. This platform doubles as a management and revenue-sharing resource for third-party forum owners and an advertising network for marketers. Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn


Funded by Paul Beck, NewsCrafted offers a unique publishing platform to elementry schools for creating colorful newsletters. It also provides opportunities for local businesses to advertise on these newsletters. Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

Consumer Attorney Marketing Group, Inc. (CAMG)

CAMG, initiated by Steve Nober, specializes in advertising and marketing. It utilizes unique marketing techniques to entice potential consumers. Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

Bloom Ads

Bloom Ads, a full service media planning and buying agency, supports branding development and marketing for several industries, including healthcare, insurance, and the food service sector. Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

Revolution Media

Revolution Media, an advertising agency, uses research-driven strategies to develop and execute smart media plans. The agency offers a range of services including television, digital streaming, and print services. Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

Stingray Direct

Founded by Ethan Cohen, Stingray Direct is an advertising company specializing in direct marketing. LinkedIn

InterMedia Advertising

InterMedia Advertising, pioneered by Sydney Yallen, uses big data to provide advertising solutions. Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

Symphonic Digital

Symphonic Digital, created by Steffen Horst, offers a full range of digital marketing services including display, mobile, organic and paid search, and social marketing. Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

Los Angeles News Group

The Los Angeles News Group provides local content in the towns and communities it serves. It offers a range of custom products and services, making it a unique opportunity for advertisers. LinkedIn

Dale Network

Dale Network is transforming the way businesses target audiences using various channels like search, email, mobile, display, and social media, and especially targets the Latin American and the US Hispanic communities.

Written by Mark Smith

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