Spotlighting Bronx-based Advertising Powerhouses: Innovators in Retail Marketing Strategies

The borough of The Bronx, located in New York City, is not only known for its cultural diversity and rich history but also for its thriving industries that form the backbone of the local economy. Among these industries, the advertising sector is increasingly gaining prominence with several reputable companies calling The Bronx their home. These companies cover a wide range of services, from traditional advertising and digital marketing to media and entertainment services. This article places a spotlight on these corporations, highlighting their core services and unique selling points, which continue to contribute significantly to The Bronx economy.

Each of these companies is founded on the principles of innovation, creativity, and authenticity, with a keen focus on meeting the ever-evolving advertising needs of various industries. The success of these brands is reflective of their commitment to deliver tailored advertising and marketing solutions that enhance their clients’ brand visibility while also driving customer engagement. Whether it’s software development for digital ads or producing sports-focused content to penetrate new markets, these companies have continuously demonstrated their ability to leverage emerging trends and technologies in their respective sectors.

As we delve into the operations, achievements, and missions of these corporations, it’s essential to mention upfront that The Bronx is a nucleus of business activity that supports the growth of both local and international corporations. This series of articles pays homage to those companies that are not only continuously innovating in their sectors but also contributing positively to the local economy of The Bronx.

Jomboy Media

Founded by Jake Storiale and Jimmy O’Brien, Jomboy Media is a prominent player in the world of advertising, media and entertainment. They specialize in covering topics ranging from sports to music and history, creating engaging content for all demographics. With an objective to retain and inform audiences, Jomboy Media drives their passion for these subjects. You can follow them on @JomboyMedia or Facebook.


Garyline operates in the broad spectrum of advertising, marketing and manufacturing. While information regarding their founders is not readily available, the company’s reputation precedes it. Check out their Facebook and LinkedIn pages for more.

Zealwise Technologies

At the intersection of advertising, digital marketing, graphic design and software is Zealwise Technologies. The company boasts a comprehensive portfolio, inclusive of services like custom software development, traditional advertising and other design management services. You can connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Allied Insight

Allied Insight is a one-stop destination for advertising, content marketing, digital marketing, lead generation and SEO services. The company prides itself on driving insights that lead to actionable results. Stay updated with their offerings by following them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Local Interactive

In the world of advertising, digital marketing, marketing and SEO, Local Interactive reigns supreme. While specifics about their inception remain unknown, their reputation in marketing circles speaks volumes. You can connect with Local Interactive on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Stop And Stare Mobile Media

Claiming the mobile marketing sphere, Stop and Stare Mobile Media brings your brand to the streets. The team promises impressive visibility through Mobile Billboard Trucks, Mobile Backpack Billboards, and more. They’re active on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, sharing updates and innovative marketing solutions.

App Development Pros

App Development Pros offers a comprehensive suite of digital services, including app development, website development, and digital marketing. They aim to empower businesses of all sizes and sectors with cutting-edge solutions. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

SP Health Marketing

SP Health Marketing is a unique player in digital marketing, specializing in the pharmaceutical industry. Their diverse offerings include video creation, media planning and buying. Stay up-to-date with their work via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn channels.

Power Moves

Power Moves Inc is a marketing dynamo that offers a range of services including experiential marketing, influencer marketing, and event staffing. Follow their nimble team’s adventures on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Baby Bean

Pioneering the fields of advertising, event management and printing is Baby Bean. While the founders and company details remain under wraps, you can follow them on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Janz Media

Rounding out this list is Janz Media, a comprehensive solution for advertising, consulting, marketing, public relations, and social media needs. You can connect with them via LinkedIn or Twitter.

Written by Mark Smith

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