Staten Island’s Influential Leaders in the Advertising Industry Unveiled

If you’ve ever wondered about the advertising powerhouses behind the compelling marketing campaigns in Staten Island, New York, then this expose is for you. The contribution of these companies to the advertising industry cannot be over-emphasized. From conventional advertising methods to the deployment of state-of-the-art techniques in executing excellent marketing campaigns, these companies have multiple times shown their mastery and dexterity. They have effectively utilized their creativity and ingenuity to command attention, elicit responses, and trigger action from targeted audiences.

Let’s delve into the world of these advertising companies, based right here in Staten Island. From political campaigners to education marketers, various sectors continue to enjoy the professional services offered by these home-grown advertising companies. This comprehensive overview showcases the diverse advertising scene present on Staten Island.

Our route on this advertising journey cuts across different parts of Staten Island. We will be stopping by each of these companies, taking a few moments to acquaint ourselves with their unique selling points. Regardless of your marketing strategy or advertising needs, the chances are high that one or more of these companies can meet them.

PS Direct

Founded by Vivian Shapiro, PS Direct is an advertising, creative agency, and marketing company. Their unique approach uses political savvy to advocate for clients, especially in terms of pricing. By managing seasonal changes and promoting thorough testing of campaigns, they ensure that clients achieve their marketing goals.Visit their website here

Staten Island Media Group

Staten Island Media Group is the city’s hub for news, marketing, advertising, and publishing. Aside from being a regular media platform, the company offers advertising services, expanding the reach of businesses in Staten Island. Check their Facebook and LinkedIn page.

The CollegeBound Network

A dedicated platform for advertising, CRM, education, and marketing, The CollegeBound Network has been making waves in the advertising industry. Connect with them on their Facebook or LinkedIn page.

PRcision LLC

Esteemed for their work in advertising, marketing, and public relations, PRcision offers compelling strategies to put your business on the map. You can connect with them on LinkedIn.


Sitting pretty in Staten Island, VRVU is an advertising powerhouse that provides valuable services to a myriad of businesses.

Reciprocal Results

Reciprocal Results wears many hats including advertising, marketing, and public relations. Their work speaks volumes, making them a firm fixture in the industry. Check their Facebook page.

Rising Results

Rising Results provides stellar marketing services including search engine and contextual marketing, lead generation, and online advertising. Their knack for boosting business presence is unparalleled. Visit their LinkedIn page to learn more.

Bullseye NYC

Bullseye NYC offer a plethora of services including graphic design, digital signage, and advertising. With a sweep of environmental graphics, site surveys, vehicle wraps, and more, they cater to individualized business needs. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Marketology, an advertising company, offers a comprehensive suite of services including web design, hosting, e-commerce, graphic design, and numerous promotional materials. Their ability to address inquiries promptly sets them apart. Visit their LinkedIn page.

Charge Media Group

Charge Media Group provide a spectrum of services from web design and development to SEO and SEM, among others. They are committed to delivering excellent advertising solutions tailored to client needs. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages to get connected.

LeadGEN Media

LeadGEN Media is a proficient player in the advertising, marketing, and telecommunications industry. Their dedication to providing excellent service, backed by proprietary backend software and real-time reporting solutions, has singled them out. Check their Facebook and LinkedIn pages to get more insight.

The myriad of successful campaigns carried out by these companies only goes to show the depth of creative genius and industry knowledge available on Staten Island. Whether you require a conventional marketing strategy or a cutting-edge advertising approach, these companies have proven again and again that they have what it takes to meet and exceed expectations.

Written by Mark Smith

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