Swedish Advertising Giants: Unveiling Powerhouses from Halmstad, Hallands Lan

In this series of articles, we explore companies located in the charming city of Halmstad, Hallands Lan, Sweden, operating in the advertising industry. These companies showcase a blend of tradition and innovation in the realm of advertising, taking advantage of modern digital channels while still respecting traditional marketing methods. Innovative, sustainable, and hugely successful – let’s delve deeper into these key advertising players headquartered in Halmstad.

From large firms to boutique agencies, the advertising industry in Halmstad is dynamic and diverse. These companies have strategically chosen Halmstad as their base, due to its vibrant atmosphere, strategic location, and thriving business scene. Read on to learn more about these firms and what they bring to the table.

Halmstad-based advertising companies not only contribute to the vibrant local economy but also to the national and international advertising markets with their innovative strategies and world-class services. Let’s explore these companies individually.


Qiwio is a versatile player in the advertising industry, specializing in social media marketing and video advertising. Co-founded by Amin El-Bekry, the company uses innovative strategies to provide effective and efficient advertising solutions for their clients. Facebook. LinkedIn.

035 Media

035 Media provides a diverse range of services including advertising, e-commerce, SEO, and web hosting. Its forward-thinking strategies and creative solutions have positioned it as a reliable leader in the industry. Twitter. Facebook.


HSTD, another big player in the advertising sector, offers a blend of traditional and contemporary advertising methods to cater to a variety of clients. Facebook. LinkedIn.

MEC Gruppen

MEC Gruppen is an integral part of Halmstad’s advertising landscape, also dabbling in the wholesale industry. Twitter. Facebook. LinkedIn.


Specializing in web design, internet, and advertising, DigiFactory stands out with its innovative solutions and aesthetic designs. Twitter. Facebook. LinkedIn.

AG Communications Group

AG Communications Group is a marketing communications consultancy that shines bright with its successful marketing and public relations strategies, particularly among niche audiences. Twitter.

Sign Solutions Sweden

Sign Solutions Sweden is a creative and innovative player in the advertising and marketing industry. Facebook.


Industrireklam is a renowned company that has been consistently delivering effective advertising and marketing solutions. Facebook. LinkedIn.

Bobobox AB

Bobobox AB is another creative force that offers inventive solutions in the advertising industry. Facebook.


Mecs is a dynamic company offering custom marketing solutions along with its wide spectrum of advertising services. Twitter. Facebook. LinkedIn.

Svensk Mediabevakning

Svensk Mediabevakning finishes our exploration with its vast array of services including advertising, direct marketing, SEO, and web design. LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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