Sydney’s Advertising Powerhouses Dominating the Retail Shopping Landscape

In the dynamic business world of advertising, it is a constant endeavor to stand out and create an impact. It requires not only innovative strategies and fresh ideas but also a deep understanding of the market and its trends. When it comes to advertising heavyweight cities, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia stands out as a hub for ambitious and successful advertising companies. Offering services ranging from brand marketing, consulting, e-commerce, graphic design, web development to engagement-driven advertising platforms, these Sydney-based companies redefine the advertising industry with their creativity and results-driven approach.

Each of these companies is distinct in its culture and strategy, yet they share common attributes that contribute to their success: an unwavering commitment to quality, an innovative spirit, and a customer-centric approach. These companies have created a notable impact on the industry and continue to pave the way for future trends and developments. Without further ado, let’s dive into the world of advertising and explore these companies in detail.

Understanding the vision, mission, and results of these impressive companies can provide not only inspiration but also insights into how they continue to thrive and grow. Read on to discover the stories behind these successful Sydney-based advertising companies.

Wowwee Design

Founders: Darragh Mc Nulty.

Description: Based in the City Of Sydney, New South Wales, Wowwee Design is a contemporary Graphic Design Agency that strives to put some wow into every brand. The agency guides businesses in navigating and thriving in the ever-changing online world. With their focus on delivering measurable results using Google Analytics, based on strategic thinking and a new approach for growth, they aim to assist businesses in regaining control. Above all, they believe in being manoeuvrable, adaptive, resourceful, and respectful.


Founders: Brendon Cook

Description: Situated in North Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, oOh!Media is a pioneering advertising company. They specialize in providing clients with unmissable creative media solutions that connect with audiences while they are away from home. Their goal is to enhance public spaces by creating engaging environments and helping advertisers reach a broad and diverse public audience.

Shopper Media Group

Founders: Ben Walker, Edward Couche

Description: Shopper Media Group, based in North Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, prides itself on providing intelligent digital media solutions across Australia’s shopping centers. Their cutting-edge software allows content to be dynamically adjusted, augmenting the shopping experience.


Founders: Christian Bartens

Description:Datalicious is a global data analytics agency. They assist marketers in enhancing customer journeys through the implementation of data-driven marketing strategies. Whether a business is at an initial data stage or a more advanced stage, Datalicious provides solutions suitable to improve strategies and results.


Founders: Peter Mattick, Phil Salter

Description: Salmat is a marketing services company. They focus on delivering targeted and integrated communication solutions through all digital and traditional channels. Their unique approach enables clients to interact and engage customers in a more effective way.

McCorkell & Associates

Founders: Scott McCorkell

Description:McCorkell & Associates are a North Sydney-based integrated marketing and advertising agency specializing in the B2B sector. They firmly believe in developing effective campaigns for their clients that go beyond standard methodologies and achieve unparalleled results.


Founders: Andrew France

Description: Founded on the idea that great marketing and sales are driven by a mix of creativity, personality, repeatable process, measurement, and accountability, Destined helps businesses to succeed using cutting-edge technology.

Momentum Media

Founders: Stephen J. Para

Description: Momentum Media connects audiences to information, helping companies influence, persuade, position, and promote their brands, services, or products to the right customers across different platforms.



Description: Kwik Kopy are the experts in corporate design and business printing solutions.


Founders: Brad Howarth

Description: CMO is a media title from IDG Communications. It focuses on addressing the unique leadership and management challenges faced by chief marketers as they look to align their practices with those of the business. CMO’s insightful and inspiring content helps marketing chiefs in real-time decision making, creating customer insights, and delivering demonstrable ROI.



Description: Dashing works with some of the most iconic brands and businesses in Australia. They aim to bring brands to life through their expertise in Print, Technology, and Design.

Written by Mark Smith

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