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Top 10 Affiliate Networks

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This article showcases our top 10 picks for the best affiliate networks. When getting started with affiliate marketing it is important to choose the right affiliate network. There are a lot of networks out there to choose from, but unfortunately, not all of them would work out, so get a look at our top 10 recommendations.

MyLeadthe best choice

MyLead offers more than 4,000 affiliate offers across several different categories. It is one of the biggest affiliate networks in the world. Its attitude to users is what sets it apart from other affiliate programs in the market. MyLead’s users can benefit from free training, instructional e-books and mentoring help. Therefore it is one of the best affiliate networks to choose from if you’re just starting your adventure with affiliate marketing.

MyLead provides a lot of monetization models. Starting with CPA, CPS, or PPI and ending with CPL or COD. One of the most important aspects of this network is the multidisciplinary nature of the company. Virtually everyone can find products and categories that they find interesting and want to promote. Flexibility is therefore one of the most appreciated positives of this network.


AdmitAd is a CPA affiliate network, it has over 1,500 offers to choose from, and it provides newcomers with trainings from AdmitAd Academy, so even if you are not sure how everything works, this network will help you get the scope of it all. Moreover, there are useful tools to use for affiliate marketing, analyzing, automatic routine work, and detailed reports. AdmitAd also provides its users with 24/7 support so in case of any problems or questions, you can always receive any help you need.


Another well-known and regarded affiliate network is ClickBank. It started working in 1998 and has since developed into one of the most established and widely used affiliate networks. ClickBank provides several different payment options, such as bank transfers, checks, direct deposits, and Payoneer. This affiliate network is working worldwide and has over 6 million customers globally, they have both physical and digital goods and services that can be promoted.


You get access to more than 13,000 affiliate programs from different resellers through this network. Awin provides a large selection of both physical and digital goods thanks to its 13,000 resellers. Additionally, there are a ton of smaller shops across a wide range of markets. Awin has about 200 campaigns from 4 main industries — finance and insurance, retail and shopping, travel, and telecommunications and services, all of them are made available for the promoters.

CJ Affiliates

CJ has a ton of features that you can choose from. Depending on your preferences, you can pick whichever option suits you the most. As a marketer, you can select what to advertise and where to advertise with ease. You will also be able to interact with 600 brands. This affiliate network connects thousands of different sellers. CJ Affiliate offers a wide variety of goods, both physical and digital, that you can advertise on the platform of your choosing in return for commissions.

Share A Sale

ShareASale is one of the biggest affiliate networks out there. The platform provides over 16,000 available merchants. ShareASale focuses on small and big merchants of both digital and physical products, so no matter what your niche is you will find something for yourself. With such a variety of merchants comes a variety of commission rates from programs that offer a 1% commission to the high ones with a 300% commission rate.

Amazon Associates

The biggest online retailer in the world, Amazon, offers affiliate marketers and their clients access to a variety of goods, from books to electronics and personal care items. Amazon Associates is a network where you will have an opportunity to promote Amazon products only. The Amazon market is so big, however, that it doesn’t matter what your niche is, you will find products to recommend. One of the best things about the Amazon Associates network is that you can make money off every item your site visitors buy in the next 24 hours in addition to the products you share.


ClickDealer is a global marketing company that joined the SmartLink market in 2019 and now has a fully automatic dating traffic advertising channel. Direct advertising offers, specialized authentic funnel optimization (manual and automatic), recently updated and thoroughly tested creatives, and specific payouts/deals are all offered by SmartLink. ClickDealer has been dealing with pay-per-call campaigns for years now, so if you are working with traffic types like search, social, email, and native, ClickDealer may be a good option for you.


TradeDoubler is an affiliate marketing network that connects more than 2,000 brands with affiliates all over the world. The platform covers all major affiliate marketing channels such as mobile, email, and search. It allows its users to earn generous commission and has a number of built-in tools that help with the activity. TradeDoubler also allows you to add more than one affiliate website.

Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten Marketing won’t let you find as many merchants as in other affiliate networks above, but if you want to work with big companies only, the network has a variety of big companies like Walmart. It enables advertisers and publishers to interact while also enabling marketers to participate in the customer experience while buying a product. The comprehensive approach adopted by Rakuten Marketing ensures that the influencers that companies are working with are the best of the best for both publishers and advertisers.

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