Top Houston-based Advertising Firms Dominating the Shopping Industry


In the heart of Texas lies the bustling city of Houston which is home to a diverse array of companies operating in the Advertising industry. The evolution of technology and internet has significantly influenced the industry, leading to the rise of digital marketing, content creation, mobile payments, and more. This article will shine a spotlight on the esteemed companies based out of Houston, offering a peek into their operations, services, and contribution to the advertising realm.

Advertising is an ever evolving domain, with companies increasingly integrating technology to effectively reach their target audiences. Companies leverage various avenues such as social media platforms, digital networks, mobile applications, and influencers to ensure their advertising message hits home. A plethora of Houston-based organizations have made their mark in the industry, that enjoy a solid reputation, and offer a range of services from marketing, public relations, content creation, to commerce solutions and more.

In this article, we introduce nine such dynamic companies, each contributing uniquely to the world of advertising. The versatility and dynamism of these companies showcase the breadth and depth of opportunities within the advertising industry. From mobile commerce solution providers to influencer marketing strategists, the companies featured in this article encapsulate the vibrancy of Houston’s advertising industry.

P97 Networks

Co-founded by Donald Frieden, P97 Networks specializes in providing cloud-based mobile commerce and digital marketing solutions for the convenience retail and fuels marketing industry. Operating under the brand name, PetroZone, P97 Networks uses technology to securely connect individual mobile phones and connected cars with identity- and geolocation-based software technologies. You can get acquainted with them on their Facebook page or follow their LinkedIn and Twitter handles.


HireInfluence, co-founded by Jason Pampell, is another Houston-based gem that develops intent-driven influencer marketing campaigns merging the needs of brands, audiences, and influencers. With all-inclusive content strategies, influencer curation and validation, on-site event engagement support, experiential project management, they are a one-stop solution. Socialize with them on Facebook or explore their LinkedIn and Twitter.

Clayive Digital

Founded by Mohsin Ali, Clayive Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency creating growth-led marketing experiences for its clients. Specializing in digital marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, brand identity, email marketing, eCommerce, content creation, and creative design, they empower brands to transform positively. Connect with them via their Facebook page or peek through their LinkedIn and Twitter.


OBMedia, via real-time bidding, offers their programmatic marketing platform to deliver highly targeted advertising campaigns across the web, straight to the consumer. Now partnered with the world’s leading search engines, the OBMedia platform features over 1,000 campaigns of first-rate brands paying top eCPMs. Discover more about them on their Facebook page or peruse their LinkedIn profile.

Ad Results Media

Ad Results Media, founded by Kurt Kaufer, Marshall Williams, Michael Kropko, and Russell Lindley, is an audio industry trailblazer leading in creator-based advertising across the podcast, video, and emerging audio domains. Whether it’s through strategic guidance and support, media buying expertise, creative excellence, or analytical prowess for audio and video advertising, they ensure brands are heard. Reach out to them on their Facebook page or follow their LinkedIn and Twitter handles.

Vinmar International

Vinmar International, founded by Vijay Goradia, is another renowned name in the Advertising industry based out of Houston. They primarily cater to the CRM and Marketing industry.

Gow Media

A sports marketing company, Gow Media, is made up of two Houston sports radio stations and a national sports talk network. Hear more from them on their Facebook page or connect via their LinkedIn.


Bonafide, co-founded by Shareef Defrawi, is an online marketing agency that helps companies find new customers on the internet using search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, pay-per-click advertising (PPC), social media, PR, technology, and more. Know more about them on their Facebook page, LinkedIn and Twitter handles.

MMI Agency

In the span of over 20 plus years, MMI Agency has delivered unquestionable value through strategic marketing programs, advertising, graphic design, public relations, social media, media planning, interactive/web, and event planning. Connect with them on Facebook, follow their Twitter, or network with them on LinkedIn.

Consumer Media Network

Consumer Media Network, co-founded by Andy Hagans and Rich McIver, builds web properties that drive high-converting, high-intent traffic. Their network operates primarily in Education, Insurance, Telecommunications, and they build websites that solve problems for consumers. Engage with them on Facebook, twitter with them at CMN, or follow them on LinkedIn.


Founded by Bilal Patoli and Zohaib Patoli, offers a modern take on marketing in the Digital Age. As a modern consulting firm, they assist in digital transformations as well as dispense digital intelligence. Find out more about them on their Facebook page, or view their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.


Written by Mark Smith

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