Top Leeuwarden-Based Advertising Firms Transforming the Dutch Shopping Industry

The bustling city of Leeuwarden, nestled in the heart of Friesland in The Netherlands, is home to a vibrant and innovative advertising industry. This hidden gem of Northern Europe is known for its blend of classical Dutch infrastructure and a zestful embrace of modernity, making it an exciting locale for the industry. This article will take you on a virtual tour through the cityscape, introducing several distinguished advertising companies that have made Leeuwarden their headquarters.

These companies range from traditional print media organizations to cutting-edge digital marketing enterprises. Despite operating in a competitive industry that often is at the cusp of technological advancements, these establishments have managed to root their operations in Leeuwarden while catering to a global audience. One common thread among all of them? Their commitment to innovating advertising techniques and strategies for business success.

The Northside of Leeuwarden has a dense concentration of companies operating in the Advertising, Marketing, News, and Publishing industries, making it a hotspot for media-related activities. This list will give you a brief but insightful peek into each of these companies that are contributing to the city’s booming advertising industry. Let’s dive in!

NDC media group

This sophisticated advertising and publishing group has carved out a special place for itself in the industry. The company’s facebook page and Linkedin profile offer a glance into their myriad activities.

Globally Cool

Founded by Joost van der Kooij, Globally Cool specializes in Business Development, Consulting, Digital Marketing, and Training. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn for more information.

Leeuwarder Courant

This prominent media outlet has been instrumental in conveying news efficiently to the public. Stay up-to-date with them via their Facebook page and LinkedIn account.

Eisma Media Groep

This company has a stronghold in the content, marketing, and publishing sector. You can explore their facebook and their linkedIn page for daily updates.


Beyonit is a creative agency solving technical, creative, and marketing-related issues. They are especially known for their impressive work in brand activation. You can get a feel for their approach by visiting their Facebook page or their LinkedIn Profile.

Zaga Digital Marketing

Zaga is a well-established name in digital marketing and social media marketing. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


This company combines 3D Technology, Advertising, and Web Hosting services. Their LinkedIn page provides further insight into their work.


Founded by Jan Hiemstra and Sem Holtkamp, Localink is a leading name in digital marketing and web development. Visit their Facebook page or LinkedIn profile to know more about their work.

VK Media

Specializing in Graphic Design, Marketing, and Photography, VK Media is making a name for itself in the industry. Check out their Facebook page for their latest work.

Eigen & Wijze Communicatie

This company blends advertising with innovative marketing strategies. You can find more information about them on their Facebook and LinkedIn page.


Crazylions operates in the realms of Advertising, Internet Marketing, and Web Design. Their creative and visionary approach to marketing is best observed on their Twitter account.

Written by Mark Smith

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