Unveiling Ad Industry’s Powerhouses Nestled in Bucheon, Kyonggi-do, South Korea

In the bustling heart of South Korea, Bucheon, Kyonggi-do, emerges as the hub of the Advertising Industry. As we delve deeper into our exploration of multinational corporations that contribute significantly to the local economy and beyond, the spotlight today is on companies based out of Bucheon, specializing in a variety of facets of the Advertising Industry. Before we journey into the profiles of these organisations, let’s first try to understand the essence of Bucheon. A city riding high on modernization, it effortlessly mixes the tradition and history of South Korea with the vibrancy of the newer generations.

The companies we will discuss today range from those specializing in traditional advertising methods to those dealing with internet marketing and web development. In the age of digital transformation, these companies are enhancing their portfolio and striving hard to make their mark in both domestic and global markets. Buckle up for a fascinating journey into the world of these companies and their unique offerings.

Let’s acquaint ourselves with these organisations and stroll through their capabilities and achievements. These companies not only possess great potential within their industries, but also provide avenues for job creation and contribute to the prosperity of Bucheon and South Korea overall.


Hosted in Bucheon, ROOTBE excitedly contributes to the expanding fields of Advertising and Marketing Services Industry. Additional information is available at their webpage.


Another resident powerhouse, AVSB excels in the realms of Advertising, Internet and Marketing. Explore their activities on their official website and join their active community on their Facebook page.


Specializing in Advertising, Internet, Web Design, and Web Development, I.Communications is certainly a company to consider. Visit their website or participate in their dialogues through their Facebook page.

Hans Technology

A beacon in the fields of Advertising, Content Creation, Information Technology, and Marketing, Hans Technology is expanding its influence. Check out their official website for more.


Located in Bucheon, SILSA BAKSA portrays Advertising, Graphic Design and Product Design in an intriguing light. Connect with them through their website and learn more about their groundbreaking work.


Specializing in Advertising, Outdoor Advertising, and Printing, ADBI has made its mark. You can find more information about their work on their website.


Carving a niche in Advertising, Brand Marketing, and Marketing, ELOZE resides in Bucheon. Discover more about this company via their website and their engaging Facebook page.


WITHUSAD excels in the fields of Advertising and Marketing. Find out more on their website.


Bringing a new dimension to Advertising through their Advertising Platforms, LiveLog is certainly a force to reckon with. Find more information at their website or join their Facebook community.


If Advertising, Lifestyle, and Marketing interests you, XYCB is a company based in Bucheon you need to explore. Visit their website.

F5 Family

Lastly, we have F5 Family that traverses bravely across the terrains of Advertising, Information Technology, and Marketing. Their website further expands on their work and achievements.

Hence, from traditional advertising to web design, and digital marketing, these companies are paving the way for innovative strategies in the world of Advertising Industry in Bucheon, Korea. Their success stories are truly inspiring, and we look forward to their future endeavours pushing the boundaries of creativity and efficiency.

Written by Mark Smith

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