Unveiling Brasília’s Influential Advertising Agencies: A Business of Shopping Spotlight

Welcome to our series highlighting companies in the vibrant advertising industry making their mark from the hotbed of Brazil’s capital, Brasília, Rio Grande do Norte. This article will focus on a variety of companies, each operating unique strategies and providing innovative solutions within the advertising landscape. We will take you on a journey to discover more about these companies, their founders, and what they bring to the industry.

Despite facing challenges typical to the advertising industry such as fiercely competitive markets, rapid technological changes, and evolving consumer expectations, these companies have not only adapted, but also thrived. They have leveraged state-of-the-art technologies, insights, and strategies to develop sustainable businesses with a strong client base in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of these companies from a range of industries including social TV analytics, mobile advertising, brand marketing, digital marketing, and web design. Let’s dive straight into it.

Qual Canal

Based in Brasília, Qual Canal provides valuable social TV analytics for advertisers and TV stations looking to gain insights about their audiences. This innovative company was founded by Anderson Fer, André Terra, Fabrício Buzeto, and Flávio Ferrari in 2011. Stay connected with Qual Canal through their @qualcanal Twitter handle and their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


RevMob is a leading player in the mobile ad network space. They specialize in user acquisition and brand promotion, utilizing a sophisticated campaign targeting algorithm to deliver efficient outcomes for advertisers and publishers. Follow their updates on their @revmobmobileads Twitter account, or Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Providing services in advertising, brand marketing, digital marketing, and other segments of marketing, is BIUD. Stay updated with their work on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

7 Points Integrated Agency

7 Points Integrated Agency operates from Brasília, offering campaigns, consultancy, branding, visual communication, Google AdWords, social ads, and identified visual services. Connect with them on their @7pontos Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.

Luan Communication

Luan Communication provides a blend of advertising, brand marketing, digital marketing, training, and web design services. Follow their @luancomunicacao Twitter handle, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages to learn more.

Look’n Feel

Look’n Feel offers a wide range of services including Advertising, Brand Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Web Design. Stay connected with Look’n Feel on Facebook and LinkedIn.


In the e-commerce arena, Linkbiz focuses on web marketing, qualified lead generation, and online sales. Follow them on @linkbiz Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


With services like landing page creation, conversion optimization, and Adwords consulting, Converlab is also a huge player in the advertising and digital marketing industry. Connect with them on @Converlab Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Elo Propaganda

Elo Propaganda, founded by Paulo Fernandes in 2005, specializes in digital advertising. Connect with Elo Propaganda on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Beiramar works in the realms of advertising, consulting and leasing in the real estate industry. Follow them on @beiramarimoveis Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Zenith Administração & Marketing

Zenith Administração & Marketing focuses on administration and marketing operations targeted at small and medium-sized businesses. Inspiring to provide assistance in creating and expanding businesses and market share, they deliver studied strategies based on extensive market analysis, feasibility processes, and short as well as long term planning.

With this, we conclude our overview of some of the key players operating in the advertising industry from the heart of Brasília, Rio Grande do Norte. Stay tuned for more insights into companies propelling Brazil’s advertising ecosystem.

Written by Mark Smith

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