Unveiling Lancaster’s Pioneering Firms Transforming the UK Advertising Landscape

The vibrant city of Lancaster in Lancashire, United Kingdom, serves as a hub for some of the most innovative advertising companies. From data analysis and Augmented Reality to SEO and creative design, these companies offer a diverse range of marketing solutions. Let’s dive into the world of advertising and explore what each of these Lancaster-based companies has to offer.

Building on Lancaster’s strong business community, these firms exemplify the city’s entrepreneurial spirit and adaptability in advancing industy trends. With a strong commitment to innovation, technology and creativity, these companies contribute to both the local economy and the wider advertising industry at an international level.

In this series, we’re featuring companies situated right here in the heart of Lancaster. We aim to shed light on their work, mission, accomplishments and how they are pushing boundaries in the advertising world.

Relative Insight

Founded by James Walkerdine and Phil Greenwood, Relative Insight is a profound player in the world of advertising. Specializing in various branches of the industry such as Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Natural Language Processing, this firm transforms textual data into actionable insights. With their advanced text analysis platform, brands can closely monitor consumer speech patterns, thereby capitalizing on market trends and expanding customer reach. You may follow their journey on Twitter and Linkedin.

WT InfoTech

Rahul Sainani and Tarun Sainani co-founded WT InfoTech to mark a new era in local advertising and tourism. Their mobile travel app ‘World Around Me’ (WAM) acts as a local guide for travellers, enhancing the overall travel experience. Discover more about WT InfoTech on their Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin pages.

SQ Digital

Founded by Husen Essa and Vilayte Essa, SQ Digital is thriving in the fast-paced world of digital marketing. Their comprehensive range of innovative marketing services ensures businesses maintain a competitive edge in the digital landscape. Check out what SQ Digital is up to on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.


With Andrew Dobson and Guy Cookson at the helm, Azullo developed their leading product, Respond, bolstering their expertise in software and advertising platforms. Respond puts premium publishers in control with its innovative native advertising platform.

Founded by Aaron Crewe, focuses on people, innovation, and cementing strong relationships. The company combines data analysis and clear communication to generate efficient outcomes for their clients. Stay updated with on their Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin pages.

The SEO Company

The SEO Company is a leader in providing comprehensive search engine optimization services. Besides SEO, the company also offers link building and social media marketing services. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook for more updates.

First Digital Media

First Digital Media offers services including e-commerce, web design, branding and SEO. They are committed to communicating effectively with their clients to deliver tailor-made digital solutions. You can follow their work on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.


UfindUS Limited, also known as BT Customerstreet, hosts an online directory of businesses. In addition to their vast directory, they offer custom website design services.

Hotfoot Design

Hotfoot Design is an award-winning creative agency with a passion for helping its clients achieve their goals. They offer a broad range of services, from brand strategy and website design to PR and social media management. You can follow their journey on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

Noise Agency

Noise Agency specialises in web development, SEO, film and marketing. Stay updated with them via Twitter or Linkedin.

Bucket and Spade

Bucket and Spade stands out with their unique focus on business development, social media advertising, video, and web development. Follow their story on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

Written by Mark Smith

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